Let’s get connected this International internet day October 29

International Internet Day is celebrated on October 29 every year and has been celebrated since 2005 to commemorate an important day in the history of telecommunications and technology.


Why today is marked :

On October 29, 1999, they succeeded in sending the word “login”. In fact, Charlie Klein, a young grade student on the UCLA campus, first tried to send an Internet message to his colleague Bill Duval at Stanford. They are working on ARPANET (short for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), a U.S. Department of Defence-funded network that connects the four terminals established by UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara and the University of Utah.

But, sending the first message over the internet was not that smooth. To say literally, the first message on ARPANET was “L” and “O”. They were able to send “L” and “O” between the terminals before the connection crash. Then, after resolving the issue about an hour later, Klein was able to successfully send the complete “login” message. However, “LO” was the first bit to send data over a long distance computer network on October 29, and thus what we know as the Internet today was born.


Today’s widely used “Internet”, without which the entire human civilization world-wide message-connection could stop in a matter of moments, was born on this day with a “stupid” message.

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