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Stay Focused:


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ——— Nelson Mandela

Mandela made this amazing statement. Giving up any job is not the solution to life. Of course, it’s difficult to concentrate and stay focused on the function and it is being explained that this noisy and always-busy world is one of the biggest causes of this confusion. Even when this pandemic is in full swing, and the flow of growth around us has slowed down a lot, then this extremely peaceful but lonely situation has again grown as a cause of confusion. 

Here’re some ways undermentioned that can help to stay focused : 

  1. Allocate time: Numerous studies have shown that we concentrate very little each week which is a long way to finish a task properly. Also, some people give the best attention in the morning to some people till late at night. So, it is important to note where and when we focus the best so that we can allocate the most important tasks at the most effective time.
  1. Train wits properly: It is our fault for controlling our brain in unhealthy ways. If multitasking is practised, the brain loses its ability to concentrate. so, practice concentration by stopping all distractions and concentrating on a single task.
  1. Take a break: Strategic breaks can be an amazing boost to the brain. Doing any hard work in a strict routine is distracting. Take a break from it to get inspired to work more efficiently. When we can’t focus very well, it’s even better to move away for a few moments to clear the mind.
  1. A healthy brain can product more: Dalai Lama says, “People sacrifice health to make money. Then they sacrifice money to recover health.” This is very true. Working hours on an empty stomach without focus is useless. Take a break to fill and then work properly. The mind cannot function well if the health is not fit.
  1. Prioritize tasks: In the effective time, do the important things to be more productive. Continuing all the hard and challenging tasks during the productive period can keep you focused on work without spending valuable time on tasks you don’t like. 

A few effective ways to stay focused are described above. But with all the above, stay away from social sites and more importantly, keep the cell phone away at work to be denser.

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