To protect Audiovisual Heritage, let’s raise awareness on this global day

October 27 is World Day for Audiovisual heritage. This memorable day was chosen in 2005 to raise awareness of the significance and risks of preserving sound and audiovisual documents recorded by UNESCO ( it stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). This year the theme of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is “Your Window to the World”.


Main objectives to celebrate this day : 

The main objectives of UNESCO to mark October 27th as a national day is to raise public awareness of the need to preserve and to provide an opportunity to celebrate specific local, national or international aspects of heritage. It can highlight the accessibility of archives and draw media attention to issues related to heritage preservation. To increase the cultural status of audiovisual heritage and to highlight audiovisual heritage in danger, especially in developing countries.

What community should to : 

Many countries around the world join the flow by organizing events to celebrate this day. Every year UNESCO also works with organizations, governments and communities to promote this day. Activities and events that People should do to celebrate this day are undermentioned. 

  • We can compete for logos or poster or banner or flyer making competition on this World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.
  • Local programs can be organized as a joint effort between the National Film Archive, the Audiovisual Society, television or radio stations, and governments. 
  • Panel discussions, conferences and public discussions about the importance of preserving important audiovisual documents can be organized to raise awareness. 
  • Also can organize special film screenings to promote this day.

But as pandemic chained is to avoid gathering, communities can take the support of social sites and video conferencing apps to share thoughts and raise awareness. 


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