Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is all up with his forthcoming movie Laxmmi Bomb. Being a regular guest of The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) he has readily promoted his movie. This was a great surprise for fans who are eagerly waiting for the comedy-thriller.


The Actor’s Silver Jubilee

On a greater surprise, the actor has been gifted a few unique gifts. Out of all the thought-provoking gifts, one has to be a cash counting machine. In the show, Akshay Kumar appeared in an orange jumpsuit. It was the same jumpsuit that he wore in the song Burj Khalifa from the Laxmmi Bomb.
Apart from that another member of the show, Bharti Singh also gifted the actor a silver mug as a representation of his silver jubilee on the show. Krishna Abhishek had him a clock which also has its own specifications. A Taj Mahal replica from Kiku Sharda has also being presented to Akshay Kumar.

Words From Akshay Kumar

After getting the money counting machine, Akshay Kumar displayed it on the stage, saying, “Yeh note gin ne wali machine yeh apne ghar se laya hai. Kyuki industry ka aadha paisa isne khaya hai (This is a money counting machine, which he has brought from his home. He is the one who eats half of the money being made in the industry).”

With Akshay Kumar, his co-star Kiara Advani also made her appearance in the show. She is also a part of the movie Laxmmi Bomb, where she played the role of the love interest of the character of Akshay Kumar.


A video has been released from the official account of Kapil Sharma. There a clip of the episode has been released where the fun scenes have been highlighted.

The movie is scheduled to make its release on November 9, this year. A lot of excitement is buzzing around. The fans are excited to see the comedy-thriller Laxmmi Bomb.

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