Kangana Ranaut is back with a bashing reply to Amir Khan’s remark on rising intolerance in India from 2015.


Following the recent complaints registered against Kangana Ranaut for spreading communal disharmony, she decided to come forward and react to the multiple FIRs filed against her. 

The actress took to Twitter to react on the same. She compared the whole episode of the demolition of her house to the attack on Rani Laxmi Bai’s fort. She further added how powerful people of the state are constantly trying to put her behind bars. In the same tweet, the Queen actress made a taunting remark on Amir Khan for his intolerance comment. Kangana sarcastically wrote that people should question the ‘intolerance gang’ as to how much they have suffered in the country. 

Kangana Ranaut’s Tweet on Friday read,” जैसे रानी लक्ष्मीबाई का क़िला तोड़ा था मेरा घर तोड़ दिया, जैसे सावरकर जी को विद्रोह केलिए जेल में डाला गया था मुझे भी जेल भेजने की पूरी कोशिश की जा रही है, इंटॉलरन्स गँग से जाके कोई पूछे कितने कष्ट सहे हैं उन्होंने ने इस इंटॉलरंट देश में? @aamir_khan.” 


The relevance for involving Amir Khan in the tweet can be easily identified by the incident which took place back in 2015 when Amir Khan said he was “alarmed” over the rising intolerance in the country. He had also said that his wife, Kiran Rao, had even suggested leaving the country.

For this, the Dangal actor faced major criticism from the public. Later to settle things up, Amir had to issue a statement clarifying what he actually meant. In his statement, he said, “Anyone implying the opposite has either not seen my interview or is deliberately trying to distort what I have said. India is my country, I love it, I feel fortunate for being born here, and this is where I am staying,”

About the recent FIR registered against Kangana and her sister Rangoli, Munawwarali Sahil A. Sayyed has blamed Kangana and Rangoli for criticizing the entertainment world, depicting individuals working in the business in an awful light, with cases of nepotism, illicit drug use, communal bias attempting to drive a wedge between artistes of different communities, calling them murderers, insulting religions, etc on social media. 

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