Colors Marathi is all geared up to launch a new TV show, ‘Sukhi Mansacha Sadra‘ starting from 25th October. The show will be on television at 9:30 pm only on Colors Marathi.


The main reason why this show is creating a great buzz even before the release is that this show includes the iconic film actor Bharat Jadhav in it. It will be a comeback for Bharat Jadhav on TV screens with this project. Along with him the show’s star cast also includes Rohini Hattangadi, Shruja Prabhudesai, and Vijay Patwardhan.

This time, director Kedar Shinde is surely bringing the most talented and experienced actors together for Sukhi Mansacha Sadra.

The show will have a very unique and out of the box concept. It is basically based on happiness, which itself is a rare concept.
Colors Marathi has decided to bring some positive content on the channel, which will be a change for the viewers as well. Sukhi Mansacha Sadra will showcase the importance of self-love, strong bonding, and the skill of finding happiness in small things.
Speaking about the TV show, Deepak Rajadhyaksh, the head of the channel in an interview said, “We always feel like the other person is happier than us. You compare your happiness with the happiness of others but everyone knows their grief. Real happiness is in the smallest of things. In today’s stressful life, while competing with the clock and in the desire to get so much, we forget happiness.”


Reportedly, this show will replace an ongoing daily soap opera. The excitement about the release of the show has simply doubled after the recent promo of Sukhi Mansacha Sadra. With the combination of Kedar Shinde and Bharat Jadhav, power-packed entertainment becomes a sure thing.

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