Nishant Singh Malkani elected as the first captain of Bigg Boss 14 house?

With the exit of senior players like Sidhhart Shukla, and the onset of captaincy tasks, the Bigg Boss house has started taking it’s due course of chaos and entertainment.


According to a Bigg Boss insider page, Nishant Singh Malkani has been elected as the first captain of the session. Initially, Nishant’s game plan was a bit obscure and he was advised to play solo and make changes in alliances whenever necessary. And Nishant seems to have learned from the lessons and is playing like a leader from the last week onwards. He has given his 100% in all his tasks and as per reports, he is the new captain of the house. It would indeed be entertaining to watch the tussle between Nishant and Nikki and Jan Kumar Sanu’s stance in balancing between these two.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Bigg Boss house.


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