Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar are recently the most talked about love birds in the industry. They have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Recently Zaid Darbar’s father and music director Ismail Darbar opened up about the relationship and also dropped some hints about the fact that the couple might get married in the next month.
Breaking the silence for the very first time, Ismail Darbar while talking to Times of India said that Gauahar had come to meet them before she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house. He also shared that Gauhar was with them for 4 hours while they had Biryani together. Ismail Darbar further added, “If the Vibes is not good, I don’t think one can sit for more than 4 minutes with anybody in today’s times.” He also confirmed that Zaid and Gauahar are serious about each other and that he has no objections to Zaid and Gauahar being together.


Gauahar Khan took a step forward and went to meet Zaid’s father, Ismail Darbar, and his wife Ayesha( Zaid’s stepmother). They seemed extremely happy and found Gauahar Khan to be very genuine. “We are happy in every decision that Zaid takes. He has never differentiated between me and his mother. Gauahar is a very sweet girl. We have left it to them to decide what they want to do with their lives.”Zaid’s stepmother, Ayesha said. When asked about the big day, Ayesha said,” We haven’t discussed any dates but yes if Zaid and Gauahar decide for tomorrow or after six months or even today, we are ready for whatever they want.” Apparently, Gauahar Khan has asked Ismail if he could meet her mother.
One thing is pretty vivid now that these love birds are completely sure about each other and are ready to take their relationship to the next level.
Talking about Zaid’s recent breakup with Aliya, Ayesha expressed,” Zaid was quite disappointed after his breakup with Alia and in fact, Gauahar brought him out of it to a certain extent.”

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