Bigg Boss 14: Rubina raised a wall between her relationship with Eijaz

Bigg Boss 14 has 11 different contestants with 11 totally different points of view and characters. As the show stands for the personality reveal, many personalities have already shown their faces.


There is a strong clash between Rubina Dailik and Eijaz Khan in Bigg Boss house. And it is cleared for everybody. Bit to bit as the contestants are asked for their choices – that  “Whom you want to see in Bigg Boss house further ” Or ” Name the person who is problematic for you”, they both mostly blamed one another.

At first when the garbage task came, Rubina was not really wanted to participate. She was thinking it to be a disrespect. But host Salman Khan tried to put some points in front of her, and he made her understand that ‘ This is the game’. After than when the opinions and misunderstands were asked from the contestants, Eijaz wanted to clear it with Rubina.

Rubina when stepping into the witness box Eijaz asked her to genuinely express whether she has any personal issues with him. He further went on to share that he treats Abhinav as his brother and Rubina as his  ‘bhabhi’ ( sister-in-law).  Instead of it, Rubina stated, her problem is personal. She thinks that Eijaz cannot be anyone’s friend. He is not always loyal to his friends. Since the day she saw him chopping off Pavitra’s hair, during the bulldozer task, she assumed thereon that Eijaz can do anything to win a task.


After her opinion, Eijaz tried to push Rubina but she fixed her thoughts very clearly. They made a nonbreakable wall between themselves and it is to be seen how long it is going to be stay.

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