Why Rajpal Yadav disappeared from the industry?

Rajpal Yadav is a prominent comic actor we have in our industry. He has made us laugh a lot with his acting and comic timing in various films like Hungama, Malamaal Weekly, and many more. With his superb acting in Kal Ho Naa Ho, he grabbed the public’s attention towards him. Following that he did many films where his performance was recognized by everyone, but in 2-3 years he got disappeared from the industry. Let us know why he got disappeared from in blue.


The actor was busy fighting a long legal battle. In the year 2018, the Delhi High Court gave a decision of taking the actor in custody and at the earliest keeping him in Tihar Jail due to a money laundering case on the actor.  And following this, there were several cases put against the actor and he was ordered to be in jail. So the actor was spending most of the time in jail since then. He was released on bail at times but again was put behind the bars. So it was a difficult phase in the actor’s life.

Yadav talks about his prison time

In an undivided interview with Times Now Digital, Rajpal talked to the reporter about his imprisonment at length. He told him, “For the past 15 years, I have not said anything in my defense. I don’t think negatively. I don’t know who is negative or positive. But I know my work and where there is work, there is karma. I have done my karma from my childhood and I don’t know what is negative or positive.”

Rajpal, who now seems prepared to get back into business, said he wants to let bygones be bygones. “I don’t want to carry the burden of the past with me. Let people do what they have to do. If my work is liked, it will go ahead. It is all about life. Like every day, the sun’s rays are different, so is Rajpal Yadav. He is known for his creativity and has got the love of the audience. I have got a lot of love and I am very happy,” he said. Rajpal Yadav is back to entertain the audience, with his new movie Hungama 2 which is directed by Priyadarshan. We hope that the actor makes a memorable comeback.  


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