Love blooming between Jaan and Nikki Tamboli

The most debatable show is back with its another season with as usual Salman Khan as its host. But this time they have got a new backer for them which is Mpl. It’s not even two weeks since the show is running but there’s a love story that is blooming between the south sensation Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar, the son of Kunar Shanu. Jaan has always supported Nikki Tamboli even it is seen that whatever Nikki says he is up to that only. Many co-participants have even told him that he has no identity of his own in the show. From Jaan’s side, it is visible that he has a sweet corner for Nikki in his heart.


In one of the clips of the show, it is seen that when Nikki teases him by addressing him as bhaijaan he gets affected by it and requests him to not call him by this title. He has even told his housemates and Nikki that he has a crush on her and even said I love you to her. To please her, Jaan even sang a romantic song for her. Let’s see how far this one-sided love story continues or Nikki to develops feelings for him in the show.

It’s not new that two housemates find love inside the house. In previous seasons many housemates have fallen for one another in the show like Gauhar and Kushal, Puneesh and Bandagi and many more housemates. It’s natural to develop feelings for someone with whom you are living for 24 hours a day. While only a few housemates were there who are still seeing each other whereas many broke off after a few months the show ended.

Let’s see what happens in this season.


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