Twitter is angry over toofani seniors in Bigg Boss 14

Public is very angry over the unjust eviction of Sara Gurpal. The Punjabi actress and singer got evicted on Monday via senior’s decision, the public couldn’t come in terms with this yet. They are demonstrating their anger and frustration on Twitter about the show and the toofani seniors in Bigg boss 14. Twitter is more unhappy with this decision because two of the seniors naming Hina and Gauhar were not wishing for Sara’s eviction but another senior Siddharth was determined on it. So to come to a conclusion they both had to give in to Siddharth’s decision of evicting Sara on the condition that if in future they are given such a task again then Siddharth will support their decision.


Twitter is very dissatisfied with this as they are saying that when two seniors were against Sara’s eviction then why Hina and Gauhar gave in to Siddharth’s decision when they were having a majority. Netizens are also raising questions on the format of the show, they are saying when the public decides who they want to see in the show then how come seniors who are themselves staying inside the house decide someone’s eviction. People have even started demanding makers to evict seniors. They are finding them as unjust and irresponsible. Twitter is full of tweets where it can be seen how unhappy and angry fans are with the seniors. They are considering that because of these three people someone’s opportunity to shine is wasted.

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