Bollywood actor R Madhavan now voiced against the online rape threat that M S Dhoni’s daughter Ziva Dhoni was targeted at. It is to everyone’s utter surprise and disgust that the six-years-old are not safe. Let’s see how the actor reacted against the nuisance. 


The Incident

A few days back, on a match between CSK and KKR, CSK failed to make it a success. Following which, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi had received threats on her Instagram handle. There was a comment from a teen that appeared to be a criminal offense. Reportedly actions have been taken already. The guy belonged to Gujatar and is reading in class 12. The 16-years-old boy has been arrested by the police as per the news. Saurabh Singh, the superintendent of police from Kutch (West) had a few words about the incident. He said, “The class 12 student from Namna Kapaya village was detained for questioning in connection with a disgusting threat message that was posted on the Instagram account of Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni a few days back.“ 

The Reactions

R Madhavan looks forward to his twitter account and posted his grief, mixed with disgust on this derogatory incident. He came up saying, “Teenager Detained For Issuing Threats Against MS Dhoni’s Daughter: Police Great job .. time to clamp down and put the fear of law and god on these faceless monsters who think they can do and say what they want on the internet. Even if they are teens.“Not only him, even Nagma, the actress-turned-politician also shamed the country’s youth saying, “Where are we headed as a Nation? It’s disgusting Dhoni’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Ziva is Getting Rape Threats after CSK Lost IPL Match to KKR. Mr #PM what is this happening In our country??”Even things hot heated up in the parliament as well. Priyanka Chaturvedi, the MP of Rajya Shabha also twitted, “This has to be the most disgusting example of how social media platforms are being misused. If GoI still turns a blind eye to this then I’d say they are complicit in promoting& condoning such mentality with regards to women&sick, perverse mentality.” Amid the mercilessly disgusting Hathras incident, this became another example of how few people are just rotting the society. It is becoming difficult for women regardless of age, caste, profession, and other distinctions if any. You cannot certainly blame a ‘dress’ of a 6-years-old or her ‘giving out hints’ for getting threats. It has to be the mentality of people that should be questioned and changed as soon as possible.


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