Bobby Deol blames himself for his career downfall: Deol expects Hopeful comeback

The actor who started his career 25 years back with director Sunil Darshan’s film ‘Barsaat’ is none other than Bobby Deol who repented for not stopping by and develop the downfall of his career.


“Right from the beginning of my career, I knew that it was not enough for me to be Sunny’s brother and Dharmendra’s son. I knew that I had to prove myself. What went wrong was that I didn’t focus on my work, I started taking it lightly. People noticed that and good scripts stopped coming my way. That brought about my downfall,” Bobby said. It was his reputation that provoked him to take another chance and he is trying his best for a comeback in the Industry.

Bobby Deol was always an actor who tried to choose good scripts so that at the very beginning he refused many films. But after his time of stardom, he began to accept weird scripts that brought depression and cloudy days in his life. But now he becomes optimistic. “Success is high, then failure is the after-effects of that high. And like any downer, it can leave you feeling depressed. So, you need to keep things in control and not let them get to you,” he said that and he realized, healthy life is based on accepting the truth.

He is grateful to Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar for trusting him and giving him a chance. He got the film Housefull 4 and he is really ready for a real grown-up. Out of charm, he told ” I want to step out of my comfort zone now, do all kinds of roles, even on the digital platform because that’s where people turn to at the end of a long day to unwind. The younger audience does not have a set image of me, so I can get a little more experiment “.


Bobby Deol’s thought ” Everyone in this world work for themselves ” may always help him to learn from his 25 years backward and step forward for another 25 years in the future.

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