Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan resist Eijas Khan about his word ‘kaand’ from his discussion with Siddharth Shukla, also gives him warning in ‘Weekend ka Vaar’

This evening, Salman Khan is going to meet all the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 in ‘Weekend ka vaar’. Bigg Boss 14 fans are eagerly awaiting Salman Khan’s arrival. The reason for this disgrace is the promo of Bigg Boss 14, in which Salman Khan is seen talking about TV actor Eijaz Khan’s past.


Salman Khan is seen watching a video clip of Eijaz Khan in the promo. In this video, Eijaz Khan is seen talking to Siddharth Shukla about his past. In the video, Eijaz Khan is saying that till the year 2011, I was like that after seeing any girl. I have survived a huge scandal with me. I am scared after seeing everything that has happened to me. Eijaz is heard saying to Siddharth Shukla “Bada kaand hote hote bach gaya”
After watching this clip, he says to Salman, “Waisa kuch mere saath hua hai, uss wajah se main ab bahut awkward ho gaya hoon,”
Later, Salman Khan replied “Aap agar galat jaoge toh galat dikhoge”
There is no more information about this secret in this promo of Bigg Boss 14.
What Salman Khan will say next will be known only in today’s episode.

Apart from this, Salman Khan says to Rubina Dilaik, “Aap apni jung khud lad sakti ho, Abhinav ya toh apko chup kara dete hai, ya bhatka kar apko galat disha main le jaate hai”.
After this, Salman telling Abhinav that in previous season, one of the contestant name was Shukla who gave made others sleepless, but now in this season another Shukla made everyone sleep.

Salman Khan also reveals a secret with a huge twist, for the very first time in Bigg Boss house there are three live viewers in the house who are watching all the contestants live from day 1.


Then he asked the contestants, ”Have you ever felt like someone is watching you or any uneasy feeling you got?”
He said,”Let me tell you who they are”.
Three pictures are shown on the screen, Salman says ”This our watch from the home audience”.

Salman also says, ”Scene paltega aur ek aaj yaha se kaltega”.
Maybe today someone is going to say goodbye to the Bigg Boss house, the “Weekend ka Vaar” is quite interesting and full of twists.

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