Currently living in an Unlock-5 situation, where many people have to go to the office because both government and corporate organizations are running. Also, people are coming in contact with the external environment due to daily needs. And now the news is that schools may open which will ask teenagers to set foot outside the door. However, in this contagious epidemic, any kind of physical contact can be the cause of infection. And the slightest carelessness on public transport is a huge source of infection.


And that’s to avoid public contact many buts car to transport. But it will pollute our environment more and more. So, here comes cycling. Yes. This may rose a thought if every people start biking what will happen. That case what government should take maintenance steps. But worldwide in many countries government encourages cycling as well as walking.

Not only social distancing. Cycling can your fitness very well. Everyday cycling is one of the wonderful exercises to stay healthy.

Also, people often get irritated because of too much traffic on way to the destination. Though the same traffic rule follows for cycling also, but with your bike, you can take narrow roads as fir short way to your destination. And keep feeling happiness on your way to work.


And mostly cycling on your way to work or market, saves a lot of money. And there are many studies in foreign countries like the USA that prove this point.

Also, says go like cycling help to exercise can prevent cognitive decline, sharpen memory and learning, and improve overall brain performance. Cycling opens the way to see your city in a whole new way, both literally and figuratively.

So, keep cycling. If new start immediately. It’s fun!!! Breath a full of fresh air and enjoy biking. 😊

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