The release date of the trailer of the upcoming movie, Laxmmi Bomb has been revealed. The horror-comedy which will cast Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar will unveil the trailer tomorrow, October 9. The announcement of this movie to be aired on Disney Plus Hotstar has already been done in July this year. The fans of the actor are highly anticipating his extraordinary looks in his forthcoming movie.


Teaser Of The Movie

The actor has talked about the release of the trailer of his upcoming movie Laxmmi Bomb. The fans are eagerly waiting to get to know something more than a glimpse of the movie.In the teaser that has been released earlier have shown Akshay Kumar transforming into a transgender character. The face of Akshay Kumar appears to be making a shift from having male attributes to female attributes.Also, there is a sort of celestial announcement made that affirms that “Aj see tu Laxman nahi Laxmmi hai“. This means Akshay would probably be seen playing in the skin of the character named Laxman up to a considerate half. Further, he will become Laxmmi.

Cast Of Laxmmi Bomb

Akshay Kumar will be playing the lead role in Laxmmi Bomb, apart from that there will be Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, Tushar Kapoor, Muskaan Khubchandani and others. The movie has been directed by Raghava Lawrence.

Another Social Cause?

One of the most significant symbolism made in the short teaser is the image of Lord Shiva’s Ardhanareashwara avatar which was displayed in the background. This gives the audience an idea that the movie is going to cover a social cause regarding the gender issues prevailing in our country. Akshay Kumar has already performed in movies like Toilet and Padman. In both the movies, the actor played a major role in establishing the importance of building toilet and usage of sanitary napkins respectively. In this movie, it can also be considered that he will again overthrow another social issue.


Controversy Against The Movie

Just a few days back, there has been an uproar from the audience on banning the movie as Akshay Kumar talked in support of the Bollywood industry on the case of drug peddling. This infuriated the public and they are bashing the movie and planning to boycott Laxmmi Bomb. Now it is a few hours wait to get a notice on how people are receiving the movie.

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