Bigg Boss 14 Immunity Task Brings Spicy Cat-Fight

The Bigg Boss 14 immunity task at Bigg Boss will bring in some romantic spark to the show. At the same time, a massive cat-fight will further spice things up. 


After the whole ‘Jewel thief’ episode, full of fights, drama, and arguments. The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house is going to fly high today. Girls of the house will have an exclusive opportunity to earn immunity, with a fun task in Bigg Boss 14. 

According to the task, female contestants of the Bigg Boss house will have to ‘lure’ senior Sidharth Shukla to earn immunity in Bigg Boss 14. They have to fulfill all his wishes and have to convince him to use his power and give them immunity. Whoever manages to ‘woo’ him, will get themselves safe in the first elimination round. 

As per the promo, girls will certainly turn their sexy and hot avatars on. Sidharth Shukla will be getting a lap dance in the garden area, which will surely set the temperature high.


In the promo, we can see the girls carrying trays to serve their king, Sidharth Shukla. But all fun task has to end up with a dramatic fight in the Bigg Boss house and this time it will be a spicy cat-fight!

Everything will be fair in the game of immunity. The promo shows how girls will push each other physically to be on top and win the immunity for themselves. 

Nikki Tamboli starts strategizing the game and breaks all the glasses on Pavitra’s tray. In return, Pavitra Punia gets furious and destroys all the glasses in Jasmin Bhasin’s tray. After all this, Jasmin Bhasin gets into a heated argument with Nikki Tamboli and says, “If you come near me, I’ll kick you hard.” 

It will be interesting to see who manages to impress senior Sidharth Shukla and get herself immuned.

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