Must watch documentaries on Netflix in 2020

The pandemic has kept us locked in our homes for quite some time now. Here are some amazing documentaries on Netflix that’ll entertain you as well as make you learn something new:


Documentaries on Netflix

The Social Dilemma


This one is a must watch! This film directed by Jeff Orlowski talks about the dark reality of social media and it’s effect on mental health and overall lives of the users. The film features various tech experts talking about the dangers of social media including social media addiction, body image issues, increasing suicides, spread of conspiracy theories, unfair use in politics etc. It’s a disturbingly accurate, thought provoking film.

The Game Changers


This documentary film talks about the merits of plant-based diet for athletes. It includes success stories of different athletes who chose the plant based diet. Some of the athletes interviewed in the film include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, Patrick Baboumian, and Dotsie Bausch. The film generally received positive reviews from various health organizations and other people saying that it changed their thinking in many ways, but some people criticized it for it’s scientific inaccuracies.

The Speed Cubers

documentaries on Netflix

The Speed Cubers is a documentary on the lives of speedcubing champions Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs. Some of the footage was shot at the World Cube Association’s World Championships 2019 held in Melbourne, Australia. The film has a beautiful and heartwarming portrayal of dedication, competitiveness and friendship.



documentaries on Netflix

Becoming is a documentary directed by Nadia Hallgren, it talks about the different experiences including struggles of the former first lady of United States, Michelle Obama. As always, with this documentary Michelle Obama inspires and encourages  the young generation to be confident and empowered. It’s highly recommended to watch this if you’re feeling low.

Definitely checkout these documentaries on Netflix whenever you’re free, you’ll not regret it.

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