Read these points before buying a designer bag

What all fashionistas look for? Dresses, footwear, sunglasses, what else? If you guessed handbags to be the next in series, you are not wrong. The days when you would carry a bag merely to put the things is the old story now. Instead, they have turned to an element of status now. Nonetheless, today smart and multidimensional women seek every possible item or accessory to enhance their outlook, and a handbag is one of those essential accessories.


But, wait, is the bag you are carrying right for you? Can some other design, size or style make you accentuate your personality to the next level? Before you continue the search for the best bag, have a look at these factors:

Size matters: Have you ever bought a dress without trying it? If yes, it would have surely instigated some fears regarding the suitability of the cloth on your figure. The same is the case with the handbags. You need to have a 360-degree check to assess its suitability.


  • If you have a short height, go with a small handbag.
  • If tall and thin, choose a small, broad and rigid bag.

Your figure and shape of the bag: Handbag with the right proportion will make you look fashionable and stylish. Indeed! The thumb rule is to buy designer bags opposite to the shape of the body.


  • If you are short, pick tall and rectangular bags.
  • If you have the round physique, get a structured and angular bag.

Function and occasion: Search for your style. If you have one, go for that. Ask yourself the primary purpose and the place you will be carrying the handbag. Is it a casual or formal place? See, the colour may vary, the size may vary, but it’s about the style that will suit you for a particular occasion.


  • Go through various magazines and fashion videos for the right style.
  • You can ask your friend in a similar manner for the suggestions.
  • If you want it for the office, do not pick the one with long straps that touches the ground.

Colour of the handbag: After you settle for some style and size, the next attribute to put you in a dilemma is the colour. Any shopping site will show you a single piece in so many colours, which will create more confusion.


  • You can go for black if you cannot settle for the right colour as black colour may work with every outfit.
  • Metallic gives versatility and does not depend on the season.
  • Even neutral colours match all clothes.

Right material: See, the handbags are not too cheap, so you cannot keep on replacing them every month. So, it’s better to choose the durable material that lasts long.


  •  Decide whether you want the bag for a short-term or for a long. Then start the search.
  • Read about the qualities of various materials to judge better.

Budget-friendly: Prepare a budget well in advance. Having a fair idea of how much you want to invest will let you have some ease on the selection procedure.


  •  You can also look at the offers and discounts on various sites.
  • Purchasing in the festive season may help.

Finally, it’s about your personality, and no one can deny that confidence is the primary ingredient to it. So, be you! Choose what you want to because then you will carry yourself better. Also, focus on the way you take the handbag as that will create an impact too.

Hence, Consider the size, shape, occasion, colour, material, and price of every handbag you see on the site, compare them and buy a designer bag that suits you best.

Bhavika Karan Trivedi

Bhavika Karan Trivedi is an Engineer turned Writer. She likes to share stories of the Entertainment and Television industry. In addition to this, she loves to write about Health, Fitness, Food, and Lifestyle. Email-

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