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Which E-wallet is Best for Online Gaming in India?

India is currently going through a rapid transition away from cash and into digital payments. This has been happening for several years now, but the coronavirus outbreak has only made the process faster.


Similarly, more and more Indians are choosing to move on to online gambling. Of course, the first requirement for using services like online casinos and sportsbooks is to deposit a bankroll. While e-wallets are some of the quickest and most reliable methods of completing such transactions, there are some issues for Indian players.

For starters, gaming operators seem to primarily target European audiences – after all, countries such as the UK remain the biggest markets. While the world’s top gambling companies are slowly starting to turn to India as well, payment options are still a bit behind the curve. In practice, this means that local solutions such as Paytm or PhonePe may not work for online casinos.

As such, while your current favourite e-wallet may be safe, fast, and all-round excellent – it may not be enough for the purposes of online gaming. You need an e-wallet which is globally accepted by the world’s most respected gambling operators.


Thankfully, this doesn’t limit your options too much. There are plenty of quick payout India casinos online – and e-wallets are universally seen as the fastest way to make withdrawals. Without further ado, let’s see what the best options are for Indian players.


Let’s get the most obvious answer out of the way first. PayPal is probably the world’s biggest and most recognizable brand of e-wallets, and it has been available for all types of payments in India since 2017.

Being this big means that this e-wallet is trusted by millions of happy customers who use it every day. PayPal is a sort of benchmark when it comes to quality online payment systems – it’s fast, very secure, and boasts a lot of convenient features. Moreover, there are almost no online casinos in India which don’t accept PayPal payments. You can rest assured that your PayPal account can be used to deposit and withdraw betting funds.

The only downside is that online casinos sometimes don’t take into account PayPal payments for different promotions and bonuses. This means that your deposit may not be eligible to qualify for a welcome bonus. Be sure to check the promotion’s terms and conditions before making the deposit.


This is another rather obvious choice – but it does have a few advantages over the previous entry to this list. Namely, Netteler (along with Skrill) sees much more use for online gaming-related payments. For one reason or another, this service is used by a lot of gamblers out there. 

This means that Neteller payments are almost always eligible for different bonuses and welcome offers. Beyond that, this is a world-famous, top-notch service. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use – what more could you ask for?

For Indians, it’s worth noting that Neteller has some great amenities for multi-currency accounts. It’s very easy to convert your funds into different currencies, and the conversion rates are more than fair with minimal commissions. This makes Neteller one of the best e-wallets for international players.

Google Pay

Before you say anything – yes, we now GPay isn’t an e-wallet, strictly speaking. However, it allows you to make payments directly, without having to constantly re-enter your credit card information. It also makes it much easier to track payments so you can keep your spending in check.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that mobile gaming in India is becoming more popular by the day. Google Pay is, by and large, a service catering to Android users, and it makes mobile payment faster and easier than ever before. Statistics have also shown that more than 95% of phones in India use the Android operating system, which makes it way more useful to Indians than, say, Apple Pay. 

We’ll end this article with a few honourable mentions – e-wallets that are usually just as good as the ones above but can’t be found on as many online casinos. 

For starters, Skrill is widely available, but it’s not very different from Neteller or PayPal to warrant its own entry. Paytm and Mobikwik are also excellent services, but it’s hard to find them on large international gambling sites. BHIM is another excellent option – though it’s almost impossible to find an operator which accepts BHIM payments.

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