Six types of people you might spot inside a casino

Gambling at any casino is not just fun because of the amazing games you play, but also because of the wide range of people you meet there. Every time you visit a casino, you’re sure to run into people celebrating their winnings, going crazy and running across tables, or grieving over their losses.


We’ve listed some such people who can be spotted at any casino. Try to remember if you’ve ever met someone like the ones mentioned below at a casino!

The one “extremely” lucky beginner

This is the one guy who has dreamt about being a poker expert all his life. Now, finally, after reading a couple of books about poker rules and tricks, he is all set to rock the casino floor. And guess what, lady luck is on his side!

He has been killing it and is on his toes from the moment he enters the casino. He can be found sweating during the sixth round at a table, while he’s already jumping with joy inside after taking a glance at his current cards.


The over-energetic group

This is the noisiest group in the casino, comprising a bunch of youngsters, with everyone aged around 25 years. These guys have been in the corporate world for only a year or two and don’t really get the concept of savings. While they’ve managed to grab a flat salary, losing more than Rs. 10,000 can make them sweat buckets!

So, to rise as the coolest of them all, one guy goes up to a poker table and plays the first round. And guess what? He wins!

Boom! That sets off all of them, as they start cheering and shouting with joy and pride. Ask them what’s going on, and all of them will point at the “star” of the pack that just won Rs. 500!

The “gloomy” soul

She brings Rs 4,000 to the casino and doesn’t have the slightest clue about any of the games. She sits at the first table, plays four rounds, and loses all her money.

Now, filled with grief, she gloomily waits at the bar for the bonus chips to arrive during the lucky hour. Yes, it is true. Some casinos offer free chips to women after every few hours to continue gambling. You can check out these offers at various download casinos as well. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The “I just play for fun” girl

This rich girl in the casino is a live wire. With a huge amount in her gambling wallet, she hops from table to table, laughing and enjoying herself.

Winning or losing doesn’t really matter. After all, she’s playing just for fun, guys!

Mr. Moneybags

This rich kid is wearing the darkest of suits and flashing his latest Rolex watch all around the room. He smirks while holding two chips worth Rs. 2,000 in his hand, right above the remaining stack of 50,000 in chips.

While his dad is working hard to crack a deal halfway across the globe, this guy is enjoying the most extravagant lifestyle possible. He places a bet on a round of roulette, takes a sip of his drink and turns to get it refilled.

Are you still thinking about the bet? Well, he doesn’t really care about it!

The “drunken” master

This is the most drunk man in the entire casino! He is sipping on his no-idea-what-number drink and goes on to playing roulette. Next, he is on his mission to convince the girl next to him to give him her mobile number through a bet that he unsurprisingly loses.

Saddened on his way out, he wants to end the night by offering some expert advice to a guy sitting on the next table. He gets him to bet on a number and guarantees a win. And guess what? The drunken master is too drunk to make any sense!

He talks to random people in the casino and laughs with them while discussing stories of their losses.

And before the sun shines in the sky above the casino again, he’s already on his way out before others can get their money back!


No casino is complete without a few enthusiastic people around. These individuals are the ones who bring life to casinos. From slightly clumsy to calamity-creators, there is always someone at a casino who is able to attract everyone’s attention.

We hope this list makes you reminisce about your last visit to the casino and think of someone who acted like the ones mentioned in our list. Well if you don’t remember or haven’t been to a casino yet, make sure to look out for such people the next time you visit one! Or, better, just download casinos and avoid the nuisance altogether!

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