Star Bharat Meri Gudiya Serial Start Date, Cast, And Promo

Star Bharat has announced a new serial named Meri gudiya. It will be aired from 16th December 2019. It is supposed to be a kind of supernatural drama fantasy serial as per the news. 


The key high light of the serial is Alisha Panwar, who has been seen in negative roles till now, is featured as the mother of a little girl, named Avi aka Jinisha Bhaduri.

Storyline of Meri Gudiya

Meri gudiya serial is featuring the story of mother and a little girl. In the recently released promo, it shows that the story will move around mother and Avi, where the mother is with Avi always in form of her gudiya. It is a unique concept that can successfully grab TRP. but, at the same time the artistic way of presentation also matters. It is a beautiful story of a little girl whose world is a doll after her mother’s death. Where in Meri gudiya promo, the doll is shown wiped and moving her hand on Avi’s head. It is a heart-touching story of mother-daughter love in form of gudiya (doll).

Meri Gudiya serial cast

 Star Bharat Meri gudiya cast is  Alisha Panwar, Gaurav S Bajaj, Jinisha Bhaduri, Vidisha Srivastava, Nishigandha as per the latest news. Where, Alisha Panwar, Gaurav S Bajaj, and Jinisha Bhaduri are in the lead roles. Meri gudiya serial is directed by Maqbool Khan, Animesh Varma and Produced by Writer’s Galaxy. Meri Gudiya Serial script is written by Anirudh Pathak, Manoj Sinha, Ashutosh Kumar, and Sweta Mishra.


Meri Gudiya serial promo

To date, 2-3 promos of meri gudiya are released. It is increasing the popularity day by day about the story and narration. It says,” who will care for you in an immense way like a mother?” it is going to be an interesting story of a mother and a daughter, who is finding the ever lost love of her life in form of a gudiya. 

Serial nameMeri Gudiya
Starting date of Meri Gudiya16 December 2019
Showtime of Meri Gudiya8 pm
Star Cast of Meri GudiyaAlisha Panwar, Gaurav S Bajaj, Jinisha Bhaduri, Vidisha Srivastava, Nishigandha
GenreDrama, Fantasy
Channel nameStar Bharat

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