Dayan Star Tina Dutta accuses Mohit Malhotra of Sexual Misconduct

Dayan Star Tina Dutta accuses Mohit Malhotra

Tina Dutta is one of the lead faces of the television industry. Nowadays she is playing a vital role in the serial Dayan. But the news is not about the serial. This time the controversy is quite big. Dayan actor Tina Dutta accuses her co-star of sexual misconduct. And the Costa who gets accused is none other than Mohit Malhotra. As per the allegations of Tina Dutta, Mohit Malhotra has inappropriately touched her while performing the scenes on the sets of Dayan.


Ekta Kapoor is holding a meeting:

As per the details available Tina Dutta stated that she has raised the problem with the production team of the serial and now it will be seen that what action will be taken regarding this issue. On the other hand, it has been also heard that the show is soon going to be off the air. Additional is the producer of the show Ekta Kapoor also holding a meeting with both of them to get clear on this issue.

Mohit Malhotra denies the allegations:

Since the matter is so sensitive so we all want the production to give light on the whole incident happened. Although the male actor Mohit Malhotra has denied all the allegations that Tina Dutta has given. He said that when the particular scene was going on there were several people who were present at the spot. Furthermore, he also said that if dinner was feeling uncomfortable then she should have told me about that. Later he said that”I don’t understand where is this coming from. After saying, nothing happened, now she has gone back to giving contrary statements. If she was uncomfortable, why didn’t she tell me?”

What does Tina need to say about?

On the other hand, Tina Dutta said that she has warned him a lot of times about the miss behavior while working. While giving the statement she said that “When we shoot a tv show there are a lot of problems, big/small/ ugly … I have raised my issues (related to Mohit) with the production team and they have been very supportive. Later she added that I am thrilled to work with Balaji after many years. I leave the issues with them to sort …. thanks. (sic)” Now it will be interesting to see that which turn this case will take.



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