Happy Holidays Google Doodle: 25th December Wishes

Happy Holidays Google Doodle

Google is also wishing everyone Happy Holidays with an animated Doodle.  When you move your cursor on the doodle you will see an animated Happy Holidays written. The Google logo is decorated with small and it tiny Christmas creatures including gifts, socks, Santa Claus hanging on the chair.


Furthermore, in space of “L” in “Google”, there is a beautifully decorated “Christmas tree along with gifts”.  On every special occasion, the Google Doodle transforms and reminds about the specialty of that day. And now on this special day of Christmas Google is wishing billions of users “Happy Holidays” through the special decorated Doodle.

This is special Google doodle is showing the Christmas spirit and festivities to all. This is Google’s on way to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Do you know what the significance of “Happy Holidays” is?  Well, in North America people spoke or write Happy Holidays on the greetings and wishing cards during or before the holiday and Christmas season. Not only that but also in most of the countries people enjoy holidays from 25th December to 01st January.

Coming back to the point the Google doodle contains all the tiny things that remind us about Christmas. The Doodle contains so many gifts, tiny miniature ribbons, the Christmas tree and also our favorite Santa Claus rolling on the chair along with the gifts.


25th December – Christmas Day

Every year we celebrate Christmas day on 25th December. people celebrates this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. People consider Jesus Christ as the son of god. On this day, people around the whole world enjoy by decorating their home with Christmas trees, Bells and other tiny things.

Furthermore, they also bake Cakes and Singh their favorite songs and then go to Church for prayer. Christmas is not only special for adults but also children wait for this day with so much eagerness as they wait for Santa Claus to bring their gift. There are many countries who celebrate Christmas as a public holiday point


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