Diet Sabya showers praises on Faruq Manzoor aka Chintan Rachchh performance in Netflix series Class-Read what the fashion police has to say now!

One of the most popular and trending names in the OTT entertainment industry right now is none other than Chintan Rachchh. The actor who has gained massive popularity for his character, Faruq Manzoor. The internet has gone insane over the actor’s performance in the series and his devastatingly handsome looks and appearances.


Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram page, is known to expose celebrities wearing rip-offs, fake copies, or ‘inspired’ fashion. While this mystery person is frequently seen criticizing celebrities, Diet Sabya can’t stop praising Chintan Rachhch’s character Faruq Manzoor from the Netflix series Class. In one of the stories, diet sabya wrote, “I struggled with Dhruv the same way I completely bought into Faruq’s performance”

While in another story diet sabya gave a shoutout to Chintan saying, “Best performance @chintanrachh as Faruq”

In another story sabya shared a chat that read, “Faruq turned me on for reasons I don’t understand”.


We can definitively say that Chintan has truly left a mark in the minds of the audience for his outstanding performance.

Chintan Rachchh began his career as a poet and theater artist before making his Bollywood debut in the Netflix series “Class” alongside Anjali Sivaraman, Piyush Khati, Gurfateh Pirzada, and Ayesha Kanga.

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