Manoj Tulsani’s Story: From a Novice to an Established Travel Entrepreneur

Manoj Tulsani is an eminent Dubai-based entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Rayna Group whose main entity is the well-know Rayna Tours and Travels. From beginning his career as a marketing executive to becoming one of the most successful businessmen in the travel and hospitality industry, Manoj’s story is quite inspiring. It proves that one could touch the pinnacle of success just with the right idea concocted with uncompromising determination to work it out. So, come learn how he became one of the leaders in the destination management services. 


Early Life & Career 

Manoj Tulsani was born on August 14, 1978, in Ajmer – a city in the state of Rajasthan, India. After finishing his high school education in his native place, Manoj joined the University of Mumbai to earn his graduation in commerce. Upon its successful completion, he relocated to Dubai in 1999; his first job was with Safeer Group of Companies. During his tenure here, he met his friend and future partner, Kamlesh Ramchandani. After some time, Manoj was employed with Time Machine Group of Companies where he worked until he was promoted to the position of the company’s Marketing Head. 

What made Manoj start Rayna Tours and Travels? 

Manoj started Rayna Tours from the germ of an idea. He has always been an ardent travel lover who enjoys meeting new people.So,after resigning his job (working in the trading industry for about seven years), Manoj didn’t have a second thought when it came to what to do next. He decided to add wings to his passion while turning it into his profession. This is how Rayna Tours and Travel took shape from a small outlet in Flora Grand Hotel, Dubai in 2006. 

From Challenges andAdaption to Expansion and Establishment 

Manoj and Kamlesh started Rayna Tours after pooling in all their personal life savings. Both were in their 20s back then; despite their successful track record in their respective fields, it was quite a Herculean task for them to grow their business without a proper plan and the guidance of an experienced mentor. They realized that it is equally important to have a thorough knowledge of the industry, along with the right talent and steady fund plan to back their idea. As the level of challenges and competition became intense, they almost failed.


But, these growing pains didn’t deter or urge them to deviate from their goals. Instead, they surmounted every business challenge and failure while finding a feasible solution to deal with it. As the initial idea of arranging activities and tours to the hotel guests got the attention and applause it deserved, Manoj expanded his business seamlessly by opening 15 more outlets in two years. It didn’t take too long for them to coalesce their efforts into a full-fledged business as they launched their Destination Management Company at Abu Hail’s Old Labour Building in 2009. 

Business Breakthrough by Setting the Right Stage 

While it is true that Manoj started his business to nurture his passion, he has never overlooked the factor that matters the most for the running of his business, i.e., customer satisfaction. In every phase of his entrepreneurship, he has managed to effectively cater to the market demands through clear and strong vision, right marketing techniques, and mostly the delivery of high quality products and services at affordable rates. 

“Creativity and competition are two elements that help to create the best outcome,” says Manoj. He further asserts how vital it is for a business to evolve and grow in response to the industry’s dynamic trends. That’s why, they are probably one of the industry giants which offer majority of their services directly to the end users. Yes, they don’t have anintermediary to execute most of their activities or tours like desert safaris, cruises, luxury limo ride etc. This results in incredible savings for customers. 

Manoj is also a far-fetched technocrat who has been successful in identifying and implementing the potentials of digital technologies to transform his business a huge success on the web. According to Manoj, “it is extremely significant to mold your business as per the dynamic shifts in the technological trends.” He started Technoheaven Consultancy with the main objective to offer high-end solutions that ensure the flawless functioning of its main business portals both on B2C and B2B. It has also developed several apps and effective pages just to make life easier for the travelers on the go. 

About Rayna Tours 

Rayna Tours is now an ISO certified destination management company.It has its impressive presence not only in Dubai, UAE, but also in different parts of the world, thanks to its offices in some ten plus countries such as India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to mention a few. It has workforce strength of over 600 employees working in its diverse branches across the globe. This includes specialists’ team to efficiently take care of the every minutest detail of a travel or a vacation, ranging from both UAE visa and international visa services to worldwide online hotel booking to transport and transfer solutions to all-inclusive budget and luxury holidays. Apart from these, Rayna Tours also helps small and medium size businesses including tour operators, travel guides etc, to boost their revenue through their dedicated, purpose-built platform,

Rayna Tours’ Important Milestones &Achievements under the Leadership of Manoj 

2006: Manoj’s entrepreneurial journey begins 

2009: Rayna Tours begins to function as a full-fledged Destination Management Company. 

2014: Business diversification into real estate, construction and transport industries 

2016: Receives Certificate of Excellence Award from TripAdvisor and wins the title of Top Wholesaler (from Yas Island)

2017: Bags the Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts 

2018: Wins the Best Performer Award (from Yas Island) and chosen as the Best Destination Management Company and Best B2B Travel Portal at the prestigious Arabian Travel Awards.

2019: Becomes the Top Performer at the Global Village and relocates its office to a larger facility at ACICO Business Park Building, Port Saaed Road, Deira

2020: Wins the impressive TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

2021: Continues the success streak by winning Travelers’ Choice Award

Take Away 

Manoj’s business success story is a classic epitome of what one could achieve through perseverance and learning from mistakes. It also tells us to remain flexible and open to new ideas and criticisms by staying focused to what is most inevitable for the success of a business: customer satisfaction. 

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