Let’s find out more about the best betting apps in Bangladesh

Description: Information about betting apps BD, top apps for betting Bangladesh, benefits of different bookmakers, how to download mobile apps, and how to choose the best betting app awaits you in our review.


About betting apps

Users all over the world have used bookmaker sites to bet on sports. The official sites were convenient to use but had some disadvantages.

The sites were meant to be used on computers and with the advent of mobile gadgets in our world there is an opportunity to bet from anywhere in the world. Sports betting sites were not well suited for use on mobile gadgets and therefore it was necessary to come up with some other method to access online betting.

The answer was mobile applications that were created specifically for mobile gadgets and even managed to get some bonuses compared to the versions on the official sites sportsbettingbangladesh.com/betting-apps/.


Examples of such benefits are:

  • Savings in traffic;
  • Convenience and smoothness;
  • Push notifications. 

Because of their benefits and ability to be used anywhere, mobile apps have begun to gain popularity all over the world, including in Bangladesh.

First, we’ll tell you about the best betting BD apps and their benefits.

Best betting Apps

Betting apps BD have gained enormous popularity and now every bookmaker has its own betting app.

Our experts based on the opinion of users from Bangladesh have compiled the top 5 betting apps, which are as follows:

  1. Mostbet;
  2. Dafabet;
  3. Parimatch;
  4. 1xbet;
  5. 4rabet.

We will now take a closer look at each app and tell you about its positive aspects.


A huge number of bonuses is the main advantage of the bookmaker and will allow you to get a huge advantage when you use any mode.

The bookmaker bonus system is divided into three categories, and each of them has casino bonuses as well as betting bonuses. Unlike other bookmakers, Mostbet has two loyalty programs one for casinos and another for sports betting.


Dafabet was able to attract the attention of users due to a number of its features.

It is worth noting that when you visit Dafabet, you can use both the version for older users and the version adapted for newcomers.

Such mechanics are unique, as is the loyalty program, which in addition to its uniqueness will allow its users to get a huge number of unique bonuses and privileges.

It is also worth noting that Dafabet is a casino game provider.


As well as Dafabet, Paramatch has become famous among the players as a bookmaker with unique features and modes. The uniqueness of Paramatch starts with the interface, which is very different from its competitors. The interface is user-friendly and simple, but because it is different from its competitors, Bangladeshi users may find it difficult to navigate if they have used a different bookmaker before.

Unique modes will allow users to get a previously unseen experience, an example of such modes can be the exchange or prediction modes.

It is not surprising that the bookmaker is not afraid to introduce new ideas in the betting industry as Paramatch was one of the first online bookmakers founded in 1994.


Each bookmaker has its own characteristics and advantages. 1hbet offers its users a lot of good bonuses and convenient applications. Bookmaker applications are not limited to mobile gadgets, in addition to the ability to install the application on any operating system you can also install the application on your computer or use the function of betting via Telegram.


Simplicity and convenience are important criteria for any bookmaker and by visiting 4rabet you will see that the bookmaker was able to create the most user-friendly interface. But the main feature that may surprise any user is the bookmaker bonus system. The bonuses themselves are not unique, but the benefits of these bonuses are amazing because the amount of rewards bonuses offered to you by the bookmaker exceeds any offer from competitors.

Given the range of benefits each bookmaker offers, Bangladeshi users will have a hard time deciding which betting app to choose.

How to choose the best betting app

Especially to help new users find the right mobile app for them, our experts have developed a simple three-step methodology that will help you identify the bookmakers that match all your requirements precisely.

The first step is to define the aspects

This step is about defining all the aspects that will be important for you when looking for a mobile app that matches your preferences.

To determine these aspects, answer these questions:

  • Which betting mode am I most interested in?
  • How much time will I spend on the betting app?
  • What bonuses appeal to me the most?
  • Will I use the casino services in the bookmaker’s app?
  • In what format do I want to receive information about the ongoing match, in the form of a broadcast or a table with brief information?

Once you have answered all these questions, you will already know what to look for when choosing the app, and now you can proceed to the next step.

The second step is choosing the candidates

The best betting candidates for choosing a betting app are the most popular bookies as they will never cheat you, they are legal to operate in Bangladesh and they allow you to get exclusive benefits.

Pay attention to the user or expert reviews on the most popular bookmakers, you will be able to see all the features of the positive and negative sides of the bookmaker.

You will be able to select the best candidates and then you can proceed to the final step which will allow you to choose your final mobile application.

The third step is the final choice.

In order to determine the best candidate among all the apps, you have chosen you will need to study each of the options on your own. For a detailed study, install the apps of each of the bookmakers on your gadget and try out all the functionality yourself. Take a closer look at the aspects you are most interested in, and after studying them yourself, you will be able to determine the best app for you.

Downloading a mobile application is a quick and easy process but it has its subtleties, we suggest you read the general instructions for downloading applications for different operating systems, described below.

How to download a mobile application to your device

To begin with, it is worth noting that the download of a mobile application takes place for two global operating systems, namely Android and iOS. Methods of downloading on these platforms differ a lot because of the differences in policies of using official platforms for installing applications.

Apple’s usage policy is different from Google’s and allows the installation of applications related to gambling from their platforms. Now let’s get acquainted with the generalized instructions and start with iOS:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the official website of the bookmaker on your gadget;
  2. Choose a section with a mobile app and go to it;
  3. You will be asked to choose your operating system, choosing iOS will redirect you to the page with the application on the official Apple platform;
  4. Install the application offered to you in one tap.

The method of downloading for gadgets with the Android operating system is a little more complicated and looks as follows:

  1. To begin with, just as with iOS, go to the bookmaker’s website on your device and select the section with the mobile app;
  2. You will be prompted to choose an operating system, and you will be given a download link for Android;
  3. Following the link a special apk file will be installed onto your device ;
  4. Install the downloaded file.

Now you know how to download the application to your device and you can start exploring the mobile applications from different bookmakers.

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