How Passing Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Can Help You Become an Azure DevOps Engineer

The most recognized and widely used cloud platform in today’s IT space is Azure. This solution has become a great possibility for individuals with the motivation to become game-changers within the sphere of technology. Of course, working with Azure requires professionals to have indispensable qualifications. So, are you wondering what you can do to qualify? Fortunately, you’re in the right place.


This post shares the journey towards becoming an Certbolt Microsoft AZ104 Test through the expert Microsoft AZ-400 test. Whether you begin your professional career journey or want to upgrade your skills, this post is for you. We’ll first highlight what benefits you can expect from becoming an Azure DevOps Engineer.

Why Should You Become an Azure DevOps Engineer?

The popularity of Certbolt Microsoft AZ500 Test makes it ideal for tech-savvy professionals who wish to master the platform. The solutions extended by Azure, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, have made it attractive to most companies. This has caused the demand for specialists like Azure DevOps Engineers to rise. 


Also, bearing skills in executing solutions for Azure means your proficiency is high, and this will enhance your value and marketability. Building your skills within the field opens doors for new employment and career advancement opportunities. Moreover, this role is one of the most high-paying in the IT sector. stipulates that the pay for Azure DevOps Engineer is around $129k per year. So, if you want to leverage the benefits mentioned above, you need to develop your competency through the Certbolt Microsoft AZ900 Test .

How Does the Microsoft AZ-400 Assist You to Become an Azure DevOps Engineer?

There are particular skillsets that the role of Azure DevOps Engineer demands. The AZ-400 evaluation is centered on specific subjects that are targeted at building the said skills. The test, also called ‘Designing & Implementing Certbolt Microsoft MD100 Test , covers varied areas of awareness. They are as follows:

  • Creation of a strategy for implementation
  • Development of an SRE (Site Engineering Reliability) strategy
  • Management of source control
  • Creation of a plan for security as well as compliance
  • Facilitation of communication & collaboration
  • Execution of a management strategy for continuous delivery & release
  • Execution of continuous integration

The mastery of these subjects is expected of Azure DevOps Engineers. The way to display whether you’re already proficient in the outlined areas is to pass the AZ-400 assessment and obtain an accreditation called Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert.

Before applying for the evaluation, your competencies should also cover areas of Azure development and administration. If you’re entirely new to the Azure development space, you can begin with the AZ-204 test where you can pick the critical skills that will assist you to comprehend the AZ-400 test better. However, this isn’t a prerequisite for the latter. 

The Certbolt bears about 40-60 questions. There’s 120 minutes dedicated to clearing it. Registering for the evaluation costs $165. However, the price may be different depending on the country where you sit for your exam. The designation comes after hitting the needed 700 points and more. 

How can you prepare to pass the AZ-400 test? Let’s find it out below!

How Can You Prepare for the AZ-400 Exam?

Microsoft’s official page includes numerous materials to utilize as you rehearse for the AZ-400 evaluation. They include the exam’s blueprint as well as helpful study resources. You can register for the official tutor-led course called ‘Designing & Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions’. There are also free online learning paths that test-takers can opt for. The alternative study resources include practice tests, YouTube tutorials, and study guides from the Amazon site.


Many companies prefer certified professionals and this means passing the Certbolt Microsoft AZ400 Test will present immense opportunities. This includes new job openings, marketability, and better pay. So, if you need a tangible verification of your proficiency, passing this evaluation is essential. Register for it now and elevate your career to the next level!

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