Marathi Actor Ajinkya Raut’s Instagram Account Hacked

Celebrities often fall prey to the hacking of their social media accounts. Marathi actor Ajinkya Raut is the latest victim. His Instagram account recently got hacked, and he has been trying to resolve the issue. Ajinkya had mistakenly clicked on a link mentioning the blue tick verification, following which he got logged out of his account. The actor had previously tried getting a blue tick but it didn’t happen, however, this time around the account looked authentic and so did the message.


The incident happened during the wee hours of Monday when Ajinkya was on his way to Mumbai from his hometown.

The actor shared that he was tired, hence he entered his username and password to the link without cross-checking or giving a second thought. Ajinkya immediately changed all his other passwords, however, he is sad that such a thing happened to him.

The actor, who has 175K followers, elaborates how social media presence plays a vital role for the actors. “These hackers have become such experts. Imagine, they just hacked my social media, which has affected me so much. I mean for an actor a lot depends on social media. Most of the casting of late are based on one’s Instagram position,” he explained.


Ajinkya and his team reached out to Instagram and they are hopeful to get a positive response. He has already lodged an FIR and is in touch with the cyber cell. “I not only want to retrieve my account but also want to know who these people are. We have developed a lot digitally, so it will be a big failure for us and the law if we cannot catch these hackers,” Ajinkya said.

He further mentioned how several personal conversations and chats involving his family and other friends might be at risk. But the actor is well aware that he cannot stress much about it. Therefore, he just wants to spread awareness about it.

Ajinkya will be making his Marathi film debut with Takatak2.

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