Read about the strategies to be put in play to win black queen card game

Online card games are gaining popularity all around the world. They are intriguing, fill time with fun and many times win us some real money. Black queen is one such card game that has become the top choice of card game lovers. Also known as the black lady, this is the most popular variant of the game of hearts. Because of this popularity, it is available over a range of online gaming platforms for you to play, including GetMega. 


Unlike any other card game, the black queen card game also demands some well-thought strategies from players in order to take the lead on their competitors. Learning these strategies benefits players to quickly think of their next best moves and increase the probability of winning. Such elements of this game are also responsible for its popularity among the masses. In this article, we have jotted down the strategies that you can learn to ace the game. 

What is the black queen really about?

The roots of the black queen card game are connected with the American round of hearts. It originated in the mid-twentieth century and was initially called Discard Hearts, because of the presence of the noteworthy punishment card, the Queen of Spades or Black Lady. The game is played between three to six players. It is a trick evasion game where players try to earn the minimum number of points by avoiding picking cards containing hearts or the Black Lady.

Rules of black queen card game

  • In this game, all 52 cards are divided equally among the players.
  • There are no trump suits and no formation of partnerships between players.
  • The player who has “2 of Clubs” starts the game by placing it face-up on the table.
  • All players pass 3 chosen cards to their left placed opponent and also receive 3 cards from their right opponent.
  • After that, the player who has the highest-ranking card in the trick will win the trick and also that player will lead in the next round. 
  • All players follow a particular suit of cards until they run out of that particular suit. In this case, they can place any other card, except the point card in the first trick.
  • No player can place a Heart card in the first trick. The Heart card can only be used when a player does not have any card left of the ongoing suit. 

Scoring of black queen card game 

The scoring of the black queen is simple. Here, each player tries to avoid gaining points. Each Heart card has 1 penalty point and the Queen of Spades has 13 penalty points. When the hand is finished, penalty points of all players are counted according to their placed Heart and Queen of Spades cards and the player with the minimum number of points wins the game. 


In case, if a player has shot the moon, which means he has collected all the 26 penalty points (1 point for each Hearts and 13 points for the Queen of Spades), then his total 26 points will be considered as zero, and he shall win the game. 

Best strategies to win black queen card game 

Some of the strategies to win the black queen card game are mentioned here. These are the best strategies and you can also apply them while playing the game over any online gaming platform, such as GetMega.

General: In trying to avoid receiving points, players try discarding the high cards. They can discard these high cards by either making a void or by playing cards last in a trick with zero points. In this way, players can get rid of the high cards early in the game without winning points for having them. 

Passing: The main objective of passing is to turn “void” or “short” in a particular suit so that they can play an off-suit and trick other players into winning penalty points, like King, Ace or Queen of any suit. You can focus on getting rid of “A of spades” and “K of spades” because “Q of Spades” can be drawn by them. 

Voids: A void is a situation in which a player has no card of a certain suit. This is generally a beneficial situation. The reason is that it prevents that player from getting points in that particular suit. In addition, it also gives that player a chance to get rid of poor cards. Players can achieve a void with a good passing strategy. 

Bleeding Spades: If a player doesn’t have A, K and Q of Spades, then it is that player’s advantage to lead spades suit in order to force Q of Spades on another player. It is called “smoking the Lady/Queen”.

Shooting the moon: Shooting the moon is an interesting situation in a game because here a player tries to take every one of the 26 points (13 hearts and the Queen of Spades). It is the riskiest strategy because if that player fails to capture every penalty card, then he will get all the remaining penalty points. In case he does shoot the moon, that rapidly changes the direction of the game in that player’s favour. 

Black queen is an engaging and addictive trick avoidance game where a player aims to avoid getting tricks with Hearts or the Queen of Spades. There are many strategies associated with this game that players can learn to increase their probability of winning the game by acquiring the minimum number of points. Still, there are some features of this game, such as “Shooting the moon”, which makes it quite unpredictable, as well as interesting at the same time.

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