App Store Awards 2021

The end of the year marks the traditional awards season when those that have made the biggest contribution in any particular field are cognized by industry peers and colleagues.


And the mobile device business of no different from Apple recently having unveiled the best apps and games that have helped users have fun, expand their personal horizons, and connect with new people and experiences.

The winners were chosen by a panel composed of members of Apple’s global App Store editorial team and were selected using criteria such as quality, the use of innovative technology, the creativity of design, the positive cultural impact they have made.

It should be noted that these awards were for the best apps and games on iOS platforms and did not reflect those designed to operate on Android devices, although the best developers now produced with both in mind.


All Apple and IOs devices had their own category of award – ranging from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac, and Apple Watches, TV, and Arcade.

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Among the major winners were the iPhone App of the Year which went to Toca Life World from Toca Boca. This game, which is mainly aimed at children offers players the chance to build their own stories, explore and discover new people, places, and activities, harnessing the powers of the imagination.

The iPad App of the Year was LunarFusion from LunaTouch which is a multitrack video editing app that invites users to craft their own story using the magic of storytelling combined with the joy of editing.

And the Mac App of the Year is Craft from Luki Labs Limited which allows users to easily structure documents by nesting notes and creating links and connections between pages. It is also designed to make it easy to integrate media into notes.

When it comes to games, League of Legends: Wild Rift” has scooped the award in the iPhone category. This multiplayer online battle arena game has been a favorite since it was first released in 2009, and this latest iteration is no exception, boasting smooth controls and fast-paced games.

The iPad equivalent award winner was MARVEL Future Revolution, which is an action game developed by Netmarble and Marvel Games and incorporates many of the superheroes associated with Marvel Comics, such as Captain America, Spiderman, and Doctor Strange. It has attracted rave reviews for its fast frame rates and its high visual quality.

Meanwhile, the Apple TV Game of the Year award was bestowed on Space Marshals 3.  This is a twin-stick action game whereby a player is tasked with trying to take out various criminals and their associates. It focuses heavily on cunning and stealth, forcing players to use their wits to sneak around enemies and avoid being attacked.

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