Shillong Night Teer Result 18.11.2021, Night Teer Result 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm

Shillong Night Teer Result Today 18.11.2021, Night Teer Result 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm: We hereby present Shillong Night Teer Result of 10:30 pm first round and 11:30 pm second round, check out your night teer result here. Shillong Night Teer Result of first round is declared at 10:30 pm and that of second round is declared at 11:30 pm.


Shillong Night Teer Result 18 November 2021


In north east state of India, Meghalaya a unique style lottery game is played since a long time in its capital Shillong, Khanapara and Juwai. This amazing dream based game is organised by the Khasi Hills Sports Association. As the word “Teer” signifies “arrow” so basically it is an archery based game played all over across Meghalaya.

Intro to Shillong Night Teer

Shillong Night Teer is a popular archery based lottery game played by the people of Meghalaya. Except holidays and Sunday Shillong Night Teer is played on all week days. Meghalaya has over 5,000 archery counters across its state boundaries to sell tickets of teer which remain open throughout the whole day. Teer ticket costs Rs1 only. Tickets are sold till 3:30 PM and after that teer gets started. Teer, the favorite game of people in Meghalaya consists of 2 rounds. Khasi Hills Sports Association has approximately 12 clubs as its part to play teer of Shillong. Among these 12 groups, 3 groups are selected to play archery and shoot arrows. One group consist of at least 20 archers and in total 50-60 archers shoot arrows. In first round, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows and in second round, they shoot 20 arrows each.

How Shillong Night teer result is declared?

After the shooting of arrows in first round the arrows that hit the target are counted and the number is noted which includes the number of result within. The last two digits in which digit at tens place known as “house” and the digit at unit place known as “ending” of the arrows counted are taken as the resultant number. So the player who gets the last two digits of the total arrows hitting the target correctly, is the winner.


E.g. If the arrows that hit the target are counted as 834 then the last two digits of this number which is 34 is the winning number. 3 in this number is house and 4 is the ending. The same process is followed for the second round.

Shillong Night Teer Common Number 

Shillong Night Teer hit number also known as the Shillong common number have utmost importance in this game. The numbers often frequently purchased by people that hit the target become the common numbers. These figures of house and ending are dynamic and change on daily basis. Its awareness plays a great role when you have to be the part of this game. A better game can be played only when you are aware of these common numbers to win the lottery. Also Meghalaya teer hit number changes each and every day so you need to update yourself everyday with this.

Shillong Night teer common number or target number formula

Here are some of the popular formulas in use for a long time in Teer-

  • Dream analysis
  • Previous Result analysis
  • Date breakdown

What is Teer Dream Number?

Teer totally an unheard lottery game is based on dreaming the winning number. Yes, it sounds uncertain but it happens everyday with the players of teer in Meghalaya. People here have a belief that what they saw last night in their dream can be a winning number for them the next day. We see various things and often sometimes we dream strange events, right? Although this game is based on fame but dream of last night play a significant role in determining the number of ticket for people here. They have a super belief that the sight of yesterday dream will surely help them in winning the lottery. People have a mind set of numbers to purchase ticket as per the type of dream scenario that occur last night.

Set of numbers for different types of dreams is listed below, please analyze your dream number with the following information.

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