5 Well-Known Celebrities That Play Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of the most useful and exciting games available to everyone. Learning to play it is not difficult. In this case, there are no age, weight, or height restrictions. Moreover, playing table tennis can have not only a positive effect on various body systems but also on mental health. Ping-pong trains dexterity and quickness of reaction. The described skills can come in handy many times in life. The ball develops a high speed, so players have to constantly be on the alert, be attentive, focused and make decisions every second. Table tennis fans can boast of excellent motor coordination. In addition, the described sports direction can have a positive effect on the vestibular apparatus.


Today many people are fond of making bets at https://in.parimatch.com/en/table-tennis on table tennis. Many celebrities understand the great impact of this kind of sport on their health, so they are fond of table tennis. Among them are following celebrities:

  1. Barack Obama. In 2011, Barack paid a working visit to London, where he played table tennis with British Prime Minister David Cameron and students of the Globe Academy. In addition, former US President Barack Obama has long talked about his love for two sports: basketball and poker. Once one of the journalists asked Barack if he had hidden talents. He replied that he plays poker well. It’s no secret that Obama has been gathering friends at home for a long time and they play poker at small stakes. It is interesting that there are enough political opponents among those wishing to compete with the former president. Barack even carries with him an unusual, all-metal token. He says that this is his talisman.
  2. Ronald Reagan. In his youth, he was one of the best sports commentators in the country. Time in radio rooms covering football and baseball games has formed a powerful speaker. The microphone has become the politician’s totem. He was fond of many kinds of sports including ping-pong. Six months after leaving the White House, Reagan joined commentators for an All-Star baseball game to broadcast from the stadium to a standing ovation.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Iron Arnie” will remain the same iron even after several decades. Moreover, even if you have to play Terminator again, he will easily cope with this task. In addition, the thing is that he devotes several hours a day to sports. The main secret lies in the variety. For example, after a gym and a short rest, he can play a game of tennis. True, he prefers squash or table tennis to big ones. However, this does not matter, since this sport trains all muscles in any variety.
  4. Luciano Pavarotti is an outstanding opera singer of the 20th century who has performed on stage for over 40 years. Lyric tenor Pavarotti’s repertoire includes dozens of major operatic parts and individual vocal works. He was fond of football, so he thought to devote himself to sports. Although his mother dissuaded him, he forever retained in his soul a love for such sports as, for example, ping-pong.
  5. Anne Veski. Having won the table tennis tournament, the famous Estonian singer Anne Veski brought gold and bronze medals from Egypt. Veski started playing table tennis in the fourth grade when she first came to training. Then she actively engaged in this sport, participated in all kinds of competitions, championships and even won.

Those who constantly practice such a leisure plan do not have to worry about the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition, this sports direction makes a person more resilient and more flexible.


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