Shruti Sharma is set to play the role of Chamcham in Namak Issk Ka

Colors TV has officially shared a promo of an upcoming serial ‘Namak Issk Ka’ starring Shruti Sharma will be seen as Dancer in the serial.


The promo of the upcoming serial ‘Namak Issk Ka’ has been officially shared on social media. The theme of the serial is ‘Will you accept a dancer as a daughter-in-law?’ (Kya aap karenge ek nachaniya ko Bahu ke roop mein sweekaar?)
Shruti Sharma, the lead role of the serial said that she is very excited to play the role of Chamcham in the upcoming serial ‘Namak Issk Ka’ on Colors.

Plot Synopsis of the Serial :

The main heroine Chamcham lives in Bihar, she is a dancer who grows up in an orphanage that feeds her dependents. She is called as ‘Nachaniya’. However, her marriage takes place in a prestigious family in Mumbai.

The makers of the serials didn’t reveal much information about the upcoming serial. But, In an interview, Shruti Sharma said, ‘I am very excited for this role. Chamcham is an extraordinary character. This role gives me the opportunity to perform as an actor. The concept of the show is strong. My character’s story and her journey will literally change the perceptions spread in the society. I am grateful to Colors for giving me this special opportunity. I am very excited about this show, I will contribute a lot for that.’

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