Get ready to experience some Deja Vu tonight at Bigg Boss 14. Jaan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya are going to get into an ugly spat where Jaan will recreate the famous ‘Baap Pe Maat Ja‘ dialogue. 


As we all know, every nomination session brings a new wave of heated arguments and clashes between the contestants. This time Rahul is going to bring up the most sensitive issue, ‘nepotism’ into the Bigg Boss 14 house. 

In the promo, we can see Rahul Vaidya nominating Jaan, calling him a nepotism product. Rahul further says, “ Mujhe nepotism se sakht naftrat hai.” Initially, Jaan reacts with utmost calmness and tries to explain that he is grateful to have a famous personality like Kumar Sanu as his father. To which Rahul Vaidya points out that he doesn’t need a famous father to make a place for him. Both the boys seem to have some tensions between them for a long time and this nomination session is a sure outburst of that.

The unexpected Nepo-kid remark by Rahul will leave every other Bigg Boss 14 contestants shocked. Jaan’s close friend Nishant Singh Malkhani will oppose Rahul by calling his comment baseless.


Interestingly, it’s still not the high point of the fight. Rahul’s continued nepotism remarks on Jaan Sanu and his father Kumar Sanu fuels up the argument. It no longer remains a verbal fight when Jaan pushes Rahul Vaiya saying,” Baap pe mat jaa, teri aukaat nahi hai.” 

Bigg Boss 14 house is surely getting messier day by day but for the viewers, it’s getting full of ‘Mirch-masala entertainment.’

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