Hindu communities strictly demanding to ban Akshay Kumar’s laxmmi bomb for its Title on Goddess Laxmi

Laxmmi bomb which is going to release on the OTT platform on 9th November is in trouble now for its release.


According to the reports, Hindu janjagruti Samiti’s putting allegation on the film About hurting religious sentiments, The film’s title is intentionally titled for denigrating Goddess Devi Laxmi.

Also, the name of the hero in this film is Asif while the name of the heroine is Priya Yadav,” says the spokesman of the Samiti, adding, “Thus, the film purposefully encourages love jihad by displaying the relationship between Muslim youth and a Hindu girl.” That is why for these two reasons Samiti has demanded a ban on the film.

national spokesman of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti said that “The film Mohammad: The Messenger Of God had hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims, and, therefore, the Maharashtra home minister had voluntarily taken cognizance and immediately recommended a ban on the film. On the same lines, the government should also recommend a ban on Laxmmi Bomb which insults Hindu deities.”


Also, the community is allegedly saying that the producers of the film are Shabina Khan, and the writer is Farhad Samji, it is clear that they are spreading anti-Hindu propaganda purposely. They are saying that we are warning to do not release this film, if our demand is not will be entertained then we will be forced to launch a strong agitation.” Samiti said.

Raghava Lawrence gives his explanations on it that the film is a Tamil original, on which Laxmmi Bomb is based, was titled Kanchana because the lead character’s name was Kanchana. He explained, “Kanchana means ‘gold’ which is a form of Laxmi. Earlier, I considered going the same way for the Hindi remake but we collectively decided that the name must appeal to the Hindi audience as well, and what better than Laxmmi. By God’s grace, it was turning out to be a cracker of a film, so we named it Laxmmi Bomb.

The trailer of the film has already impressed everyone and from Bollywood stars to everyone are praising Laxmmi bomb and eagerly waiting for 9th November.

But for now, it will difficult to say that what will be the last conclusion because the film is alleging to hurting specific Religion’s sentiments.

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