Gauahar khan shows some secret pics to Hina Khan, Are those photos of her rumored boyfriend?

Bigg Boss 14, Toofani senior Gauahar Khan is in house these days. She is always on social media discussion about her and Zaid’s relationship.


Recently, in the UNDEKHA clip of Bigg Boss 14, Gauahar Khan was showing some photographs to Hina Khan, she was showing those photos in very privacy. The way she was telling Hina Khan about all of those photos, the fans understood that she is showing photographs of her Rumored boyfriend Zaid Darbar’s family.

A few days ago Eijaz confessed that he likes Gauahar. For which, Gauahar Khan’s rumoured boyfriend Zaid Darbar has given his reaction. Zaid wants Eijaz to know Gauhar better because she has many other characteristics.

Zaid says, ‘I don’t feel positive at all. I would also like to get to know Gauhar better, as she is very good. The more she stays at home, the more people will get to know her better. There are two ways of looking at this confession, if I see it in a negative way, I can be positive and if I see it in a positive way I will feel good!’ Further, Zaid laughed and said ‘who would know better about Gauhar than me!’.


It is also heard that Gauahar is going to get married this year, Because Zaid Darbar also said that, ‘Everybody tags me in all the photos and videos of Gauahar and when Rahul asked her to meet him, she replied that she is “Taken” and going marry this year. I have heard the same thing.’

There are reports about the relationship between Gauahar and Zaid, but neither of them has given an official statement on this. Zaid Dabar is a choreographer by profession and son of musician Ismail Darbar.

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