Mumbai Police Commissioner summons Republic TV to reveal the source of information about forged medical report in SSR case

The unfortunate demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has stirred a great deal of controversy across the country since mid-June. Republic TV has been very active in covering every inch of the case since the start. Recently, AIIMS Delhi released a report which declared that the late actor died by suicide. However, Republic TV claimed that those reports were forged and justice has not yet been served to the actor’s untimely death.


IPS officer Param Bir Singh, Police Commissioner of Mumbai, has demanded that Republic TV reveal their source of information which claims the forged document. A summon was sent to the heads of the channel. Arnab Goswami, managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic Media Network, made it clear that no such revelations will be made by the channel and now #RepublicWontRevealSource is trending on Twitter.

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