First, look out of 800 film which is a biopic of legend Srilankan spin bowler Muralidharan

Movie train motion pictures have released a motion poster of the biopic of Muttiah Muralidharan and the title is 800. Also when the IPL match was on between Srh and Chennai SK then they released their poster at 6 pm today. The film is produced by Movie Train motion pictures and Vivek rangachari.


Directed by MS sripathy, Actor Vijay Sethu as cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan and this film could be a multilingual film which has filmed in Tamil.

The title of biopic is 800 because Muttiah Muralidharan was the first bowler in the world who took 800 wickets in his Test career also in an interview Muttiah had said that he is happy with Actor Vijay sethu that he could be bowled in the same bowling in which action he bowls, which is really tough to follow.

Let’s have a look on Muttiah’s early life and career so we could get an idea that what will be the interesting elements in this biopic.



Deshabandu Muttiah Muralitharan is a Sri Lankan cricket coach and former professional cricketer. Averaging over six wickets per Test match, Muralitharan is one of the most successful bowlers in international cricket and the first to take 800 wickets in Tests.

Early life:

Muralitharan was born 17 April 1972 to a Hill country Tamil Hindu family in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The eldest of the four sons to Sinnasamy Muttiah and Lakshmi. Muralitharan’s father Sinnasamy Muttiah, runs a successful biscuit-making business.            Muralitharan’s paternal grandfather Periyasamy Sinasamy came from South India to work in the tea plantations of central Sri Lanka in 1920. Sinasamy later returned to the country of his birth with his daughters and settled in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. However, his sons, including Muralitharan’s father Muttiah, remained in Sri Lanka.

When he was nine years old, Muralitharan was sent to St.Anthony’s College, kandya a private school run by bendictine monks. He began his cricketing career as a medium pace bowler but on the advice of his school coach, Sunil Fernando, he took up off-spin when he was fourteen years old.

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