Rhea Chakraborty lawyer ready to put the case on all those who tried to defame Rhea!!

Rhea Chakraborty who was recently released from Byculla Jail on bail is yet again surrounded by rumours. Talking of Rhea, she was staying in jail from past one month because of her involvement in a drugs case. She was depicted as a villain by most of the people because of her affair with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant committed suicide on 8th June and his family and fans were not ready to digest this news. Instead, the family blamed Rhea stating that she was responsible for the death of the late actor.


The family put a lot of blames on Rhea and news channels, depicted her as a villain on their broadcasts for months. This all contaminated the actress public image to a great extent. Now when the actress is out of jail, she has decided to teach everyone a lesson who tried defaming her. The actress lawyer Mr Satish sent out a statement on Sunday which read, “I had said that once is out on bail we will start going after people who defamed and tried to destroy her life n morale for a 2-minute glory on Electronic Media carrying Fake News.”

He even went on by mentioning one such person’s name who did spread rumours about her. He says,“One such person was Dimple Thawani, a neighbour of RC who claims she is an SSR fan and believes she is his soulmate due to a past life connection. She claims that someone told her that SSR dropped RC home on the 13th. It’s a baseless rumour by a fan who is part of the media circus and wants to share the limelight with others who claim to know SSR. Her statement was recorded by today and you will all be glad to know what she said to CBI in her statement. I would request all honest journalists to go to her now and record what she has to say. Satyameva Jayate.”

He also told the media that he will be soon handling a list of people who defamed his client to CBI. Pertaining to this he said,”We will be forwarding a list of people to CBI who made fake and false claims on TV and Electronic Media including carrying mobile recording and fake stories on SSR case with particular reference to Rhea Chakraborty to go after them and record their statements. We will request CBI to take legal proceedings against them for misleading the investigations.”


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