Ali Fazal shared a selfie with his “Super Hero” love Richa Chadda

The ‘ Fukrey’ star casts Ali Fazal and Richa Chadda is one of the most popular couples in Bollywood limelight nowadays. They are committed to each other for almost a year, so a strong bond is always seen between them in the Instagram selfies.


Ali Fazal today shared a frame with Richa Chadda and addresses her as ‘little loco’ and called her a ‘ Super Hero’ on his Instagram. His lady’s love and his cute faces attract their fan’s attention a lot. And fans are really supportive of their relationship too.

‘Mirzapur 2’ is going to be a blockbuster for sure . Ali shared the teaser with a catchy caption “Khoob khel liye defence , ab ba attack se hi jeetenge.”

Ali Fazal’s love for his Cat-woman Richa is also adorable along with his career. He captioned that couple picture – “Yeaaaaa, i Caught CaTtt!!! Found Cat woman wid her mask off and boom, i was there see? Annoying lil prick me…see love, they gotz to kno, you is a super hero! The scum the scum the smudge the fudge. 43 goodies, a hoodlum and a judge. attica and lives mattering ( hear em?) Down n out – up and about. The funk’s’ no match to us .. Cuddle cushion coco!!! i love you little loco. Aright, u go sav’em , i go save Mirza. For real???? Ali ? . Oh no i mean poetry ( yea, that’s what we missing in my country- poetry) . Show needs no saving. Hehe.”


As an emotional outcome he also wrote – “I love all things defined , because they need smudging. Definition by definition ceases in conformity. The moment u form form you must be ready to dissipate . And if u ready then u have imagined and if u have imagined, it creates a new future.. and therefore dissolves the mould. So i hear. Ok bye.” They were going to marry but it postponed due to COVID pandemic for now.

He is very excited for “Mirzapur 2” which will be on Amazon Prime screen from October 23.

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