Pavitra Punia, Bigg Boss 14 contestant,  gets highlighted once again. This time it is her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal. The later disclosed facts about their relationship and break-up. This is not the first time the Indian television actress gets lashed out by her ex-boyfriend. The same incident happened while Paras Chabra Come forward revealing the dark sides of their relationship. 


What Was The Issue?

The model and actor, Pratik Sehajpal who recently opened up about the nooks and croons about his affair with the actress. He also added how it went down eventually. She shared that the relationship was going well between the ex-couple. But things started falling ut as clashes and differences crawled in. The actor had also shared that she was very possessive about him. Also, she objected to her for doing intimate scenes. He explained his view, “These bold scenes have become so common in today’s times and I am here to make my career. But trust me, I had refused the role and even told Pavitra about me turning it down. I am not saying that her perspective in this was wrong. I guess it happens in love if you are too possessive.“He informed TimofIndia in an interview, saying, “For once, she didn’t like it when I started talking to some senior person from a show. She wanted me to be around her for most of the time. But how can you avoid talking to people at parties?” 

Pavitra’s Words

In an episode, the actress was seen giving a head massage to Jasmine Bhasin. There she revealed the tragedy of her failed relationship with Pratik. she said she did not want to stand as a barrier between Pratik and his career which just started talking off. She remembered saying him, “You’re not of that age now, you need to focus a lot on your career.” Also, she added, “Mere se chhote bhi ho aap. Ab isko mera baddapan samajh lo ya fir understanding samajh lo, mera aapke sath rehna aapke career ke liye galat tha kyuki mai possessive hoke, mai kisi chiz ko naa pasand karke, aapka kam nahi suffer karwaungi (You’re younger than I am. Consider this my advice or even understanding, but for me to be with you would be wrong for your career, because I don’t want to make you suffer because of my possessiveness).” She denied the fact that she once kicked him out of his room. She also informed that Pratik was very aggressive and had punched the wall when she asked him about a separation. 

Pratik’s reply

In a reply to Pavitra’s comment, he left a reply saying, “Look, I am not denying that I am aggressive. But Pavitra too is. I think when two such aggressive people meet, there’s going to be an explosion. I remember she threw and broke a few things in her house- flower vase, table – when we quarrelled once (towards the closing stages) at her house. To give vent to my frustration, I went down and punched the wall; my hand started bleeding.” 


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