Ajay Devgan’s cousin Anil Devgan passes away

Anil Devgan was the son of Veeru Devgan, brother of actor Ajay Devgan, and brother-in-law of actress Kajol.


Anil Devgan also tried his hand with directing and directed his brother in two of his films: Raju Chacha and Blackmail. He died due to cardiac arrest at night on 5 October 2020

Ajay Devgan says that family heartbroken over his untimely demise,

Anil Devgan a career graph

Anil Devgan was continuing his father profession in the direction as well he did 2-3 Bollywood movies as a director one of was Home production Haal-e-Dil produced by kajol and made in the direction of Anil Devgan as well he did His brother’s film Raju chacha and blackmail,

the sudden demise of him made completely shock to the Devgan family if you know Veeru Devgan’s father of Ajay Devgan was passed away last year, and now Anil Devgan’s sudden demise breaks down the whole Devgan family!

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