Mobile Apps to Help You When Playing Blackjack

The chances of winning big at online casinos are low. Some people get lucky and hit the jackpot, while most of the players in an online casino ends up losing. Still, people flock to the casinos in India. The reason for that is simple, online casinos are fun to play. For many people, it’s a form of entertainment and if you play your cards right (pun intended), it doesn’t have to be a detriment to your personal economy. If you can keep your playing under control it doesn’t have to get more expensive than any other form of entertainment you enjoy. If you educate yourself to play the optimal strategies of blackjack, your money will not only last longer but you would also increase your chances of winning and it’ll be a lot more fun to play!


Always be careful, gamble responsibly and ensure you only choose casinos with solid reputation, most importantly when it comes to the safety of your personal data. Make sure that you are playing in an online casino that takes social responsibility, as opposed to luring you to gamble more and harder. When picking a site to play at, look for a site that offers all the information you clearly and easily accessible. Reputable sites should allow users to set their own limits, there are tools in place that will automatically alert players if their gambling activity shows signs of gambling problems, proactively preventing your playing from getting out of hand and kept at safe leisure and only at entertainment level.

Blackjack and the Use of Strategies

Did you know that the classic game of blackjack has a lot of strategic elements to it? And if you master these strategies you’ll minimize the edge the online casino has over you.

So if you learn the optimal strategy for blackjack you will turn this game into the fairest game in the online casino, reducing your chances to lose to almost 50/50.


If you compare blackjack to other casino games there are lots of decisions to be made. All of the decisions you make while sitting at the table, if you should hit for another card, stand, split or double, impact your chances of winning or losing. In order to get to a 50% probability, you have to make optimal decisions all the time and never deviate from the perfect strategy.

If you ever visited the land-based casinos in Daman, Sikkim or other parts of India, you’ll know that mobile phone usage should be kept at an absolute minimum. In some cases, it can even be forbidden to use any form of technology while sitting at the tables. Fortunately the same doesn’t apply to online casinos. In fact, the online casino industry thrives on the growing mobile phone usage in India. Especially for those mobile users, there are tools and educational apps that can help you get more entertainment for your money while playing blackjack online and help you get better and maximize the bang for your buck.

Storing all this information on strategies, how and when to play your cards all in your head is very difficult and, fortunately, there are really good apps out there to help you.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

This app has a practice mode where you can practice your skills without betting with any of your real money. It will give you instant feedback on the decisions you’re making while playing in practice mode. A nice feature is that you are able to customize the rules so that it applies to other types of blackjack besides the traditional way of playing the game.

The app has a strategy card, similar to a cheat sheet where you can see hand combinations for the quick lookup to make fast decisions while playing.

Blackjack Masters

This app is based on a practice mode where you can get better at blackjack without risking any of your money. The best feature of the app is the card counting mechanism, which helps you practice your card counting ability to further strengthen your blackjack skills.

Blackjack 21: Blackjackist

This app is a social fun-to-play, free-to-play game rather than a practice tool. We included it in this list as it’s great fun and gives you an experience that is closer to that of a real-money casino environment. 

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