What is Artificial Intelligence? Future of AI in India?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sometimes known as Machine intelligence. It is knowledge empowerment of machines to fulfill the tasks that they are designed for. It is an interdisciplinary branch of computer science. 


If we refer various books for the definition of Artificial Intelligence, we will come across the fact that machines are developed in a way that they can accomplish the tasks that are usually performed by human intelligence like learning and problem-solving.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that is designed to replicate human intelligence to complete the tasks in various segments. It is modified as per the application and field of implementation. In a nutshell, it is a science of developing intelligence in machines in order to receive a command from the surroundings and perform tasks.

It could be used to various extents for better living and fulfillment of a convenience-driven lifestyle. It develops particular characteristics in machines like decision making and reasoning to achieve desired results in the form of completion of particular tasks. 


AI is used in different segments according to the demand of the paradigm. The machines are taught to perform specific tasks in looping. It refers to Narrow AI or Weak AI. In this scenario, the intelligence in machines is developed in a way to fulfill the particular tasks. They are not meant for anything else rather than this. It is a form of very restricted intelligence that provides a limited benefit. But, when we talk of automation, weak AI has a huge role in this segment. It usually used to replace typical human tasks.

There is another face of AI that we see in movies. The robots who can perform almost every task just like a human. It is the next-generation use of AI that will have potential demand in the future.it is sometimes refers as Artificial General Intelligence. 

We have seen various industrial examples as well as Alexa the most popular one as the prominent applications of Artificial Intelligence. These developments work on a set of algorithms and intelligence to imitate human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has a wide future in progressive service delivery. 

Importance of Artificial intelligence

AI has a wide application that fulfills our daily life needs. At the industrial level, Artificial Intelligence is not less than a boon as well. AI has changed the way we operate our businesses. It has contributed to the industrial development in a  revolutionary way.

Let’s check some of the important applications in our routine life.

  • Digital virtual assistants are a major face of Artificial Intelligence that has enriched our daily life. We can not imagine our life without Alexa, Cortona, Siri, or virtual assistants like them.
  • It has a considerable impact on the business which has major outcomes like data processing, time-saving, cost-effectiveness, operations interlinking, decision making and so forth. 
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in various facets of business like production, supply chain, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and accounting has provided phenomenal results in various industries. The algorithms are developed with an operations-oriented approach that works wonderfully well with the specific task.
  • It has increased the productivity and effectiveness of human power in a way that it empowers business decisions and routine tasks with advanced accountability.
  • Artificial Intelligence has strengthened the healthcare sector by its unique application in personalized drug delivery and diagnosis. The virtual assistance provided by robots in complicated surgeries is the next level of indulgence of Artificial Intelligence in human life.
  • It could help in the agricultural revolution to fulfill the increasing demands of crops with the growing population. It could increase crop yielding by enhancing healthy crop production and decreasing defective crop cultivation. Artificial Intelligence has the potential of weather forecasting and identification of probable factors that may infect the crop.
  • It could considerably reduce the cyber attacks by digging deep into the algorithm that works behind such operations. It will have a huge impact on our safety and security in the future.
  • The power of  Artificial Intelligence on our daily decision making will advance the marketing and service offering sectors to understand the customer needs.

Future of Artificial intelligence in India

With a promising future, Artificial Intelligence is the advanced technology that can gear up a business to a new level. Indian Government has organized a body named NITI Ayog for advancement in  Artificial Intelligence. Let discuss some of the futuristic expectations from AI in India.

  • India has tremendous potential in its talented youth that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence for the betterment of the country. Having a leading agricultural economy, India can take advantage of Artificial Intelligence for weather forecasting, crop yielding, soil management, protection from infection, etc.
  • For the industrial revolution in India, Artificial Intelligence can facilitate the best practice in the form of robots to handle various monotonous tasks to increase productivity and nullify human errors. They are the best replacement for the repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Artificial Intelligence can be a great help for the healthcare industry to provide personalized drug delivery systems and advanced diagnostic results. It can generate the system which boosts early diagnosis of diseases that may lead to prevention of the same. 
  • Languages must not be a barrier to development and growth. AI can fill up the gap by advanced Natural Language Processing technology. It can open vast opportunities for regional and local education systems. Virtual assistance in regional languages can boost the development of various business and expand opportunities. 
  • Various AI-driven Indian startups are exploring in the field of education, fintech, pharma, healthcare, food, and management. They have a higher success ratio and capable of fundraising because of their future adaptation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great impact on future generation technologies like healthcare, Online casino, shopping, virtual assistant. The user interface and enrichment it provides has a true value in various horizons. The enormous opportunities in the fields of robotics, agriculture, healthcare, and security are predicting the bright future of India.

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