Difference between VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting?

VPS (virtual private server)


VPS Hosting Is Virtually Private, as the virtual reality, VPS hosting also feels like you have your little world. Similar to shared hosting, which means it can host multiple websites and share the resources which are present on a single physical server.  But the fundamental Difference between dedicated and VPS hosting is the restrictions that are placed on who can use these resources. 

The web host will use a hypervisor or the software which is designed to create individual virtual machines on the servers. This particular strict separation will protect you from your virtual neighbors, though all of you will still be accessing the shared pool of the resources which the server is providing. Eep one thing in mind and that is the server will be more powerful and less populated than the ones on the shared hosting)

Moreover, the resource allocation is divided evenly, and the only website can take advantage of the another’s resources (this happens vice-versa also). 


Dedicated Servers Are All Yours

As the name implies, the dedicated servers are all and wholly dedicated to serving your blog and your blog alone. You are given an empty server, and you can put whatever you want to put into it. 

In general, the web host is going to offer the various physical server configurations from where you can choose the one which you want. Some of them will also let you build a server that will match the specifications that you want.  

A dedicated server will contrast sharply with a shared plan ( you have little or no control over your server environment) and the VPS option ( in VPS you have some control over the environment, but there are still going to be limitations placed on the web hosting provider.) this is same as the hardware you choose and you get. You have total control over the software which has been installed into your server. 

 What is the difference between the cost of VPS plans and dedicated plan? 

VPS plans are cheaper than the dedicated servers. It is of no surprise, but the web host which can provide multiple customers on a single server will be going to charge less. 

VPS hosting packages are as low as a couple of dollars. 

 The extremely low end dedicated server will set you a back amount of about 30 to 40 dollars a month. But the more realistic and digestible price will be around 100 dollars a month. 

Let’s discuss the Managed vs. Unmanaged Options of VPS and dedicated

The thing that was not covered in the introduction part is that in the VPS and dedicated servers is the work that you will have to put in into setting up, configuring, managing, and maintain the web hosting environment. 

At one end, there are entirely unmanaged plans where you have to do everything, and you are responsible for everything that is related to the software of the server. In the case of VPS plans, the host will give you a provision to your virtual machine and leave the rest on your shoulders. 

On the other end there wholly and fully managed planes, where the web host will take responsibility for everything, you will decide on what you need, and you want. The staff of the web host is responsible for getting everything done, that it includes, configuration, installation, and maintenance. 

You should choose VPS hosting

  • If your website? The blog is expanding, and you need better hosting, but the price is a significant factor for you
  • You are proficient in technical matters, but or not proficient overly ( and the managed service doesn’t fit in your budget). 
  • Your needs additional resource, but not to that extent that you will have to buy a full server. 

You Should Choose Dedicated Server 

  • You are looking for the best of the best services for your website. And you want the maximum of ram, which supports tons of visitors, and you need a sever up so that you can resource the heavy website (high res images and videos) 
  • You want a host that gives max security. 
  • Your need is different and special, and they will be best met with a great hosting environment that you will configure yourself, for example, app development and situations like these. 

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