VPS hosting Virtual private server – All you need to know

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a short server which is considered as one of the most renowned hosting servers and is the most demanded by the website owners. The reason why it is most wanted is that it uses the technology of virtualization which provides the user with both a dedicated private resource and server which can be used for multiple purposes. 


VPS hosting is a very secure solution as compared to the shared hosting because in shared hosting one does not get a dedicated sole space for server usage. Also, VPS hosting turns out to be cheaper than renting the entire server. 

VPS hosting is selected by the owners of the website who have either small or medium levels of traffic which generally exceeds the shareholding limits of the shared host plans but don’t generally need the resources required for a server which is entirely dedicated for the purpose. The best part about VPS hosting is that it provides servers that have multiple hosting plans. For example, Hosting has more than 6 VPS plans which suit various business needs and allows you to scale site easily in times of when more resources are needed. 

Working of VPS Hosting


A server is considered to be a computer in which the duty of the web is to host stores the various files and databases which are needed for your own website. When any individual online want to view the website, the individual’s browser sends a request to the server which results in transferring all the important files via the Internet. VPS hosting is a home and a service provider to virtual servers that results in physical servers. But in reality, the machine is actually amongst a number of users. 

It uses virtualization technology, the hosting provider installs a layer (Virtual) on the top of the OS (Operating system), of the server. This layer uses to divide the server into various partitions which allow all the users to install their very own software and OS. Hence, a VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) is considered both private and virtual since it gives complete control. It is separated and different from the users on the level of OS. VPS technology is similar or alike to create partners on our very own computers when we want to indulge in running more than a single OS, for example, Windows and Linux) without a reboot.

Running the VPS hosting on your computers allows you to set the website up within a secure frame or container with some guaranteed resources such as memory, disk space, CPU cores, etc which you would want to keep it private and not want to share it with various other users. VPS hosting gives the same root access just like it seems that one rent a while dedicated server at a way cheaper cost. 

Comparison of VPS with various other housings

  1. Shared Hosting: Website owners who have low traffic generally use shared hosting. For most of the new bloggers and websites, the starting point is always shared hosting. However, the problem here is you won’t ever get a dedicated server all to your own self as the site shares operating server with a number of other hosts.in the case of VIP, the website owner gets dedicated server all to himself. 
  2. Cloud Hosting: In cloud hosting, one does not use a single server but there is a cluster that runs in the clouds. Each cluster that is inside the server stores up to date information about the website. Combining VPS with cloud hosting results in the highest amount of performances and results.

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