How does Blackjack work? Know blackjack from top to bottom

Blackjack is a classic casino game. This casino table game can be played both offline and online. This card game has its own simplicity, but on the same spot, it can also be an intimidating game. There are some things that you should know about the BlackJack game. 



The table of Blackjack is usually in a semi-circular shape. The dealer of the game is present at the front side of the table and constitutes a chip tray. As per the general rules, the red chip consists of 5 units; white chip constitutes one currency unit, black is 100, green 25, and purple is 500. Along with the card, the game also needs a discard tray, shoe, cut card, and a table.

The game is played with 52 cards, excluding joker. Blackjack is played with either single or double-deck, four-deck, six-deck, or eight decks. While playing an online game, deck requirement is less as compared to offline. You can also play online blackjack India with the help of Bet India. 


Card Values 

While playing Blackjack in order of two to ten cards, the cards have the face values- the Jack, Queens, and the King. These are valued ten. The eleventh value Ace is known as soft hand while the remaining are known as hard hands.

The card ten-value, along with the Ace, is referred to as BlackJack, which can beat all the remaining hands. If the dealer and the player are having similar Blackjacks, then the game is said to be Push; it means a tie.

Online Playing order 

The dealer initially offers dealt face down card. The second card will be used as the flipping of the first card face up and randomly slide beneath the first card. In case, if the dealer has ten Ace face up, then the players are generally offered Insurance bet. If the player chooses this bet and the dealer has a Blackjack, then it will be won by the player.

In case, the dealer does not have any BlackJack card, then the game will proceed with the following options:

Stand– if a player gets the maximum total of the prize and is ok with this, then he can take a stand by taking no action and pass it onto the next player.

The hit– the player can wish to have the second card; he can signal the dealer only by scratching the back of the hand. If the total of the card is less than 21, in that case, the player can choose to hit the map.

Double-down– in case the player has a favorable hand and has a total of nine to ten and eleven, then they can ask for Double down. The player will receive one more card face up.

Split– in the case of having two matching rank cards by the player, then the player can choose for an additional bet, and their original bet will split into two. The player that chooses for split Ace is generally received only a single card in each hand.

Surrender- the player is allowed to surrender by taking his black half bet back and giving up on his hand. 

Once all the actions are completed, the dealer will play his hands as per the rules. On first, he will reveal all his cards down; then, the dealer will keep continuing with the cards until having a total of 17. If all the non-busted players get the dealer busts, then players will be considered as winners.


If the player wins a hand, then the player will be paid as1:1 over the total bet taken on that game. For instance: If a player asked for a chance of $20 and then the player doubles down by placing a further bet to $20 on one hand and won the game, then there would be a total of $80. Then their $40 bet is back, and $40 will be the winning amount.

Do read through the article to know about five things you need to know about playing casino.

Card counting and optimal strategy 

There is an essential strategy of table game that never takes Insurance bet until or unless you have a mathematical and advanced approach. The next onwards, you need to understand the possible combinations of the player’s hands as well as dealer cards with accurate play.

Hilo count is the most common card counting system used to count the cards in the following manners:

High Cards: 10, J Card, Q Card, K Card, and A card: 1 

Medium Cards: 7,8,9: 0

The low cards: 2,3,4,5,6: +1

Remember, games are for fun but do not rely or hook up on them completely. 

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