Deepika Ranveer wedding Royal villa, know the value of one day

Deepika Ranveer wedding: There are only a few hours left for Deepika Ranveer wedding. On November 14-15, both will be bonded in the marriage of Leo Kamo in Italy. All wedding rituals will be played in Villa del Balbianello. Now when both of them have some time left in the marriage, then let’s show you the photos inside the villa, and seeing that you will be convinced that this marriage is just like any king of Maharaja.


All guests from Ranvir and Deepika have reached Italy. Due to marriage, the villa will be closed for the exterior for a whole week. While this place has been decorated like a bride, strict security arrangements have been made. There is security at three different levels here. 

The marriage will only include close to both of them. No celebrities from Bollywood have been called. Not only this, but the media has also been kept away from this event. For this reason, any guests who enter the villa will be allowed to enter the house only after a thorough examination.

Deepika Ranbir wedding


Deepika Ranveer wedding Royal villa has 75-room villa has 7 restaurants and bars. The terrace of the villa shows a beautiful view of the lake. There are 4 rooms for meetings, for a conference, a spa, a swimming pool inside the villa, while there is also a pool connected to the lake.

You will be surprised to know the price of a room in a villa with these luxurious facilities. According to the information, the price of one room is about 400 euro or 30 thousand rupees. If we add this, then only one room for the wedding of Ranveer and Deepika will cost only 24 lakh 75 thousand rupees. 

Guests will stay in the villa for a week The cost of close rooms for a week is 1.75 million only. It takes about 40 minutes from the resort to reach the place of marriage, although there is a short way to go through the lake.

Deepika Ranbir wedding

Ranveer and Deepika’s family will go from this golf resort to this luxury resort. By November 17, the whole villa is only for the wedding of Ranveer and Deepika. Significantly, many of Hollywood’s big stars keep coming here to shoot their Big Budget movies. Seeing this luxurious villa, it can be estimated that this marriage of Deepika and Ranveer is not less than a dream.

After one week’s celebration, both will return to Mumbai on 18 November. On November 28, there will be a reception on Ranvir’s parents in Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. On 21st November, Deepika’s parents will be given a reception in Bangalore. Let them know that both of them had left for Mumbai from November 10 onwards.

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